[00:39.79]When I was lying there in the VA hospital,
[00:42.17]with a big hole blown through the middle of my life,
[00:45.93]I started having these dreams of flying.
[00:49.80]I was free.
[00:54.48]Sooner or later, though, you always have to wake up.
[01:07.82]They can fix a spinal, if you got the money,
[01:10.83]but not on vet benefits, not in this economy.
[01:15.12]A VA check and 12 bucks will get you a cup of coffee.
[01:18.50]I'm what they call... waitlisted.
[01:29.72]The Bengal Tiger, extinct for over a century is making a comeback.
[01:34.31]These cloned tiger cubs at the Beijing Zoo are the latest of a number of species
[01:38.65]that have been cloned back into existence in the past five years.
[01:42.52]I became a marine for the hardship. To be hammered on the anvil of life.
[01:49.11]I told myself I can pass any test a man can pass.
[01:55.37]Jake! Jake! Jake! Jake! Jake!
[02:04.34]Let's get it straight, upfront.
[02:06.71]I don't want your pity.
[02:09.72]You want a fair deal, you're on the wrong planet.
[02:17.35]The strong prey on the weak.
[02:19.89]That's just the way things are.
[02:23.02]And nobody does a damn thing.
[02:42.33]Get off! Get off of him!
[02:44.84]All I ever wanted in my sorry-ass life was a single thing worth fighting for.
[03:04.44]I hope you realized you just lost yourself a customer.
[03:08.19]Candy-ass bitch.
[03:12.82]If it ain't raining, we ain't training.
[03:28.46]- It doesn't look like him. - It's him.
[03:30.88]You Jake Sully?
[03:33.22]Step off. You're ruining my good mood.
[03:36.39]It's about your brother.
[03:44.77]We're looking for Sully, T.
[03:48.69]In there.
[04:14.01]Jesus, Tommy.
[04:15.84]The strong prey on the weak.
[04:18.55]A guy with a knife took all Tommy would ever be
[04:21.81]for the paper in his wallet.
[04:25.44]The concern of the suits was touching.
[04:27.86]Your brother represented a significant investment.
[04:31.44]We'd like to talk to you about taking over his contract.
[04:33.99]And since your genome is identical to his, you could step into his shoes,
[04:39.66]so to speak.
[04:41.87]It'd be a fresh start on a new world.
[04:45.04]You could do something important. You can make a difference.
[04:53.97]And the pay is good.
[04:56.51]Very good.
[04:58.76]Tommy was the scientist, not me.
[05:01.26]He was the one who wanted to get shot light-years out in space
[05:03.77]to find the answers.
[05:10.06]Me, I was just another dumb grunt getting sent someplace he was gonna regret.
[05:46.39]In cryo, you don't dream at all.
[05:48.98]It doesn't feel like six years.
[05:51.11]More like a fifth of tequila and an ass-kicking.
[06:07.41]Are we there yet?
[06:09.37]Yeah, we're there, sunshine.
[06:11.79]We're there.
[06:13.88]You've been in cryo for five years, nine months and 22 days.
[06:17.67]You will be hungry. You will be weak.
[06:20.59]If you feel nausea, please use the sacks provided for your convenience.
[06:26.02]The staff thanks you in advance.
[06:42.53]Up ahead was Pandora.
[06:46.04]You grew up hearing about it, but I never figured I'd be going there.
[07:08.93]Valkyrie 1-6, copy...
[07:11.98]Valkyrie 1-6, you are clear for de-orbit burn at 2-2-4-niner.
[07:15.90]Copy, Venture Star. Go for de-orbit burn at 2-2-4-niner.
[07:39.26]- Exo-packs on! Let's go! Exo-packs on! - Exo-packs on! Let's go!
[07:42.72]Remember, people, you lose that mask,
[07:44.18]you're unconscious in 20 seconds, you're dead in four minutes!
[07:47.93]Let's nobody be dead today! Looks very bad on my report.
[07:52.60]Hell's Gate tower, this is TAV 1-6 on approach.
[07:55.81]Crossing outer marker. Mine is in sight.
[08:40.07]Harnesses off! Get your packs!
[08:42.44]- Put it together, let's go! Let's go! - Harnesses off! One minute!
[08:45.99]When that ramp comes down, go directly into the base. Do not stop!
[08:50.08]Go straight inside. Wait for my mark!
[08:59.13]Go, go, go, go! Get out of there! Keep moving! Let's go, let's go!
[09:13.14]There's no such thing as an ex-Marine.
[09:16.23]You may be out, but you never lose the attitude.
[09:29.95]Let's go, special case! Do not make me wait for you!
[09:32.91]Well, well, ladies.
[09:36.08]Look at all this fresh meat!
[09:43.71]Back on Earth, these guys were Army dogs, Marines,
[09:47.93]fighting for freedom.
[09:56.18]Look out, hot rod!
[09:59.10]But out here they're just hired guns,
[10:01.11]taking the money, working for the company.
[10:04.03]Check this out, man.
[10:06.03]Meals on wheels.
[10:08.86]Oh, man, that is just wrong.
[10:12.41]I got two guys free in about 20 minutes!
[10:13.74]Got it! Need them!
[10:24.59]You're not in Kansas anymore.
[10:29.30]You are on Pandora, ladies and gentlemen.
[10:33.30]Respect that fact every second of every day.
[10:39.31]If there is a hell,
[10:41.69]you might want to go there for some R&R after a tour on Pandora.
[10:47.15]Out there, beyond that fence,
[10:49.40]every living thing that crawls, flies or squats in the mud
[10:53.82]wants to kill you and eat your eyes for Jujubes.
[10:58.87]We have an indigenous population of humanoids called the Na'vi.
[11:03.71]They're fond of arrows dipped in a neurotoxin
[11:06.17]that'll stop your heart in one minute.
[11:09.01]And they have bones reinforced with naturally occurring carbon fiber.
[11:14.01]They are very hard to kill.
[11:17.31]As head of security, it is my job to keep you alive.
[11:23.23]I will not succeed.
[11:27.19]Not with all of you.
[11:29.69]If you wish to survive,
[11:31.82]you need to cultivate a strong mental attitude.
[11:35.49]You've got to obey the rules.
[11:38.49]Pandora rules.
[11:41.75]Rule number one...
[11:43.54]There's nothing like an old-school safety brief to put your mind at ease.
[11:49.34]Excuse me. Excuse me. Jake! You're Jake, right? Tom's brother.
[11:55.55]Wow! You look just like him.
[11:57.89]Sorry, I'm Norm. Spellman. I went through avatar training with him.
[12:01.73]...into the bio-lab.
[12:04.44]We're gonna spend a lot of time up here. Hey! How you doing? Norm, avatar driver.
[12:09.07]- Hi. - Hey.
[12:10.40]Link... Here's the link room right here.
[12:12.07]This is where we're connecting to the avatar.
[12:16.16]Me and Norm are here to drive
[12:18.28]these remotely controlled bodies called avatars.
[12:21.58]And they're grown from human DNA mixed with the DNA of the natives.
[12:26.67]- Hey. Welcome. - Hey.
[12:28.71]- Welcome to Pandora. Good to have you. - Thanks.
[12:33.09]Damn! They got big.
[12:35.05]Yeah, they fully mature on the flight out.
[12:37.68]So the proprioceptive sims seem to work really well.
[12:40.10]Yeah, they've got great muscle tone.
[12:42.06]It'll take us a few hours to get them decanted,
[12:43.98]but you guys can take them out tomorrow.
[12:46.44]There's yours.
[12:49.48]Hey. Dr. Norm Spellman.
[12:51.15]- Dr. Max Patel. Great to meet you. - Good to meet you, yeah.
[13:17.97]Looks like him.
[13:20.72]No, it looks like you.
[13:23.64]This is your avatar now, Jake.
[13:28.85]And the concept is that every driver is matched to his own avatar,
[13:34.32]so that their nervous systems are in tune,
[13:37.49]or something.
[13:40.28]Which is why they offered me the gig, because I can link with Tommy's avatar,
[13:45.75]which is insanely expensive.
[13:48.37]Is this right? I just say whatever to the video log?
[13:51.92]Yeah, we gotta get in the habit of documenting everything.
[13:54.17]You know, what we see, what we feel.
[13:56.30]- It's all part of the science. - And good science is good observation.
[13:59.09]Plus it'll help to keep you sane for the next six years.
[14:01.55]All right. Whatever.
[14:09.06]Well, here I am,
[14:12.19]doing science.
[14:14.86]They're coming out!
[14:16.53]Attention. Drivers coming out of link.
[14:26.20]Oh, God.
[14:29.58]Where's the lab coat? Where's the lab coat?
[14:31.38]Who's got my goddamn cigarette? Guys! What's wrong with this picture?
[14:38.88]- Thank you! - Grace Augustine is a legend.
[14:42.39]She's the head of the Avatar Program. She wrote the book,
[14:44.97]I mean, literally wrote the book on Pandoran botany.
[14:47.77]Well, that's 'cause she likes plants better than people.
[14:50.60]Here she is, Cinderella back from the ball.
[14:52.56]Grace, I'd like you to meet Norm Spellman and Jake Sully.
[14:57.99]Norm. I hear good things about you. How's your Na'vi?
[15:02.74]May the All Mother...
[15:04.99] upon our first meeting.
[15:07.20]Not bad. You sound a little formal.
[15:11.58]I studied for five years...
[15:13.88]...but there is much to learn.
[15:16.17]- Grace? This is Jake Sully. - Ma'am.
[15:20.22]Yeah, yeah. I know who you are, and I don't need you. I need your brother.
[15:24.35]You know, the PhD who trained for three years for this mission?
[15:28.06]He's dead.
[15:30.18]I know it's a big inconvenience for everyone.
[15:33.60]- How much lab training have you had? - I dissected a frog once.
[15:38.32]You see? You see? I mean, they're just pissing on us
[15:41.61]without even the courtesy of calling it rain.
[15:43.99]- I'm going to Selfridge. - No, Grace,
[15:45.32]- I don't think that's a good idea. - No, man, this is such bullshit!
[15:48.04]I'm gonna kick his corporate butt.
[15:49.54]He has no business sticking his nose in my department.
[15:53.46]Here tomorrow, 0800. Try and use big words.
[16:05.55]Scorpion Two-Hotel, Hell's Gate tower. You are cleared for south departure.
[16:09.52]Hover taxi, Delta runway. Squawk ident.
[16:18.27]- You see that? - Yes, sir.
[16:19.57]No, you didn't. You were looking at the monitor.
[16:21.74]I love this putter, Ronnie! I love this putter.
[16:27.53]Parker, you know, I used to think it was benign neglect,
[16:31.83]but now I see that you're intentionally screwing me.
[16:34.87]Grace, you know, I enjoy our little talks.
[16:42.84]I need a researcher. Not some jarhead dropout.
[16:46.34]Well, actually, I thought we got lucky with him.
[16:48.10]- Lucky? - Yeah.
[16:49.68]How is this in any way lucky?
[16:51.81]Lucky your guy had a twin brother,
[16:53.64]and lucky that brother wasn't some oral hygienist or something.
[16:56.90]A Marine we can use.
[16:58.65]I'm assigning him to your team as security escort.
[17:00.57]The last thing I need is another trigger-happy moron out there!
[17:04.11]Look, look, you're supposed to be winning the hearts
[17:06.07]and the minds of the natives.
[17:07.20]Isn't that the whole point of your little puppet show?
[17:09.16]If you look like them and you talk like them,
[17:10.70]then they'll start trusting us.
[17:12.49]We build them a school, we teach them English,
[17:14.54]but after, what, how many years?
[17:16.67]Relations with the indigenous are only getting worse.
[17:18.25]Yeah, that tends to happen when you use machine guns on them.
[17:21.59]Right. Come here.
[17:24.80]I can't... I can't...
[17:29.80]This is why we're here. Unobtanium.
[17:32.85]Because this little gray rock sells for 20 million a kilo.
[17:36.02]That's the only reason. It's what pays for the whole party.
[17:39.31]It's what pays for your science.
[17:42.61]Now, those savages are threatening our whole operation,
[17:45.78]we're on the brink of war,
[17:47.11]and you're supposed to be finding a diplomatic solution.
[17:50.41]So use what you've got, and get me some results.
[18:04.84]So, how much link time have you logged?
[18:07.42]- About 520 hours. - That's good.
[18:11.14]You're in there. You're here. How much have you logged?
[18:15.60]Zip. But I read a manual.
[18:19.23]Tell me you're joking.
[18:22.61]This is cool.
[18:24.44]Let's go.
[18:29.78]Don't. I got this.
[18:35.87]So you just figured you'd come out here,
[18:38.50]to the most hostile environment known to man,
[18:41.21]with no training of any kind, and see how it went?
[18:45.05]What was going through your head?
[18:47.46]Maybe I was sick of doctors telling me what I couldn't do.
[18:51.39]- Biometrics are good. - Link three is ready.
[18:54.14]Keep your arms in, hands in, head down.
[18:59.56]Down. Just relax and let your mind go blank.
[19:04.02]That shouldn't be hard for you.
[19:05.98]Kiss the darkest part of my lily white...
[19:07.90]Initiate link.
[19:10.15]Run sequence unit three. Go.
[19:19.58]I have the first congruency.
[19:29.51]- That's a gorgeous brain. Nice activity. - Go figure.
[19:35.05]Phase-Iock 40%.
[19:41.02]All right. Going in.
[19:43.23]I'm going in in four.
[19:47.86]Phase-Iock 99%. Link is stable.
[20:05.33]He's in. Jake, can you hear me? Can you hear me, Jake?
[20:11.26]Pupillary reflex is good.
[20:15.64]Pinna response normal. How you feeling, Jake?
[20:19.39]Hey, guys.
[20:21.64]Welcome to your new body, Jake.
[20:24.90]Yeah, we're gonna take this nice and easy, Jake.
[20:26.48]- And touch your thumb to your fingers. - Yeah.
[20:28.69]- Thumb to your fingers. - No problem.
[20:30.15]That's good. I can see you can remember that one.
[20:31.82]- Got it. - Well, if you want to sit up,
[20:34.07]- that's fine. - Okay, good. Just take it
[20:35.41]nice and slow, Jake. Good. Okay, well, no truncal ataxia, that's good.
[20:38.49]Are you feeling lightheaded or dizzy at all? You're wiggling your toes!
[20:42.08]- Good. Good, Jake. - That's great.
[20:45.37]Distal motor control is good. Good, Jake.
[20:48.50]Are you feeling any numbness or pain?
[20:52.51]That's great, Jake. Hold on, now.
[20:53.88]Take it easy. Don't get ahead of yourself, okay?
[20:56.22]There's a few more sensory motor reflex tests we need to run,
[20:58.80]- so take it easy. - Wait.
[21:00.97]- Jake. - Sit down, Jake.
[21:02.56]Jake! Listen to me. Jake!
[21:05.60]- I need you to sit down. Jake! - It's okay.
[21:07.35]- Buddy, listen to me. - It's all good. I got this.
[21:09.23]- Jake, you need to sit down right now. - Guys, get him back on the gurney now.
[21:12.94]Listen to me. For your own safety, you need to sit down.
[21:15.15]You need time to adjust to the avatar... Whoa! Jake!
[21:18.07]- God, Jake, watch your tail. - Yeah!
[21:20.41]Sedate! Sedate him! A thousand milligrams of Supitocam! Stat!
[21:24.58]Guys! Guys! Whoa! Whoa!
[21:26.96]By the numbers.
[21:28.04]- Jake. Come on. - Jake! Listen to me.
[21:29.54]You're not used to your avatar body.
[21:31.21]- This is dangerous. - This is great.
[21:32.96]- Jake? Jake, listen to me. - Come on. They're gonna put you out.
[21:38.80]- Norm, sit down. - No, no. I gotta get out of these leads.
[21:41.56]God damn it! Bring them home!
[21:43.22]- Norm! Do not leave control! - You're not ready for it!
[21:47.64]- Oh, come on, you ain't got no skills. - So close!
[21:51.57]I don't even have to play defense on it.
[21:53.23]Hey, guys. Hey.
[21:54.82]- It's okay, I'll get him. - Jake, you have to come back!
[21:57.15]Jake! Jake! Excuse me.
[22:01.53]- Watch it! - Sorry!
[22:03.24]Come on!
[22:05.79]Jake! We're not supposed to be running!
[22:18.18]- Jeez! Sorry. - Watch it!
[22:42.87]Hey, Marine!
[22:48.66]- Grace? - Well, who'd you expect, numbnuts?
[22:53.04]Think fast.
[22:55.38]Motor control's looking good.
[23:07.47]Come on, everybody, quiet down! All right, gang, lights out.
[23:12.48]Come on, Louise, chop-chop.
[23:14.06]Hey, hey, hey!
[23:16.07]Don't play with that, you'll go blind.
[23:18.36]That's kind of freaky.
[23:19.90]Come on. Scat.
[23:23.32]Good night.
[23:26.45]Lights out! See you at dinner, kiddies.
[23:53.60]Welcome back.
[24:02.61]- You okay? You all right? - Yeah, I'm okay.
[24:06.66]I'm Trudy. I fly all the science sorties. And this here is my baby.
[24:12.54]Hold on a second.
[24:14.71]Hey, Wainfleet! Get it done!
[24:18.04]- We bounce at zero-nine. - Yeah, I'm on it, capitaine!
[24:22.88]Vine strike's still loose.
[24:24.93]You guys are packing some heavy gear.
[24:27.18]Watch it!
[24:29.18]Yeah, that's 'cause we're not the only thing flying around out there.
[24:31.93]Or the biggest.
[24:33.69]I'm gonna need you on a door gun. I'm a man short.
[24:36.61]I thought you'd never ask.
[24:39.77]There's your man. See you on the flight line.
[24:53.66]You wanted to see me, Colonel?
[24:56.12]This low gravity'll make you soft.
[25:00.17]You get soft,
[25:04.97]Pandora will shit you out dead with zero warning.
[25:09.35]I pulled your record, Corporal.
[25:11.97]Venezuela, that was some mean bush.
[25:16.35]Nothing like this here, though.
[25:20.94]You got some heart, kid, showing up in this neighborhood.
[25:24.36]I figured it's just another hellhole.
[25:26.36]I was First Recon myself.
[25:28.87]A few years ahead of you. Well, maybe more than a few.
[25:33.04]Three tours Nigeria, not a scratch.
[25:36.04]I come out here?
[25:38.29]Day one. Think I felt like a shavetail louie?
[25:41.63]Yeah. They could fix me up, if I rotated back.
[25:46.88]Yeah, and make me pretty again. But you know what? I kind of like it.
[25:52.06]It reminds me every day what's waiting out there.
[25:56.89]The Avatar Program is a bad joke. Bunch of limp-dick science majors.
[26:02.90]However, it does present an opportunity both timely and unique.
[26:09.91]- Clear! - Clear!
[26:16.75]A recon gyrene in an avatar body. That's a potent mix.
[26:21.96]Give me the goose bumps.
[26:23.71]Such a Marine could provide the intel I need,
[26:27.22]right on the ground.
[26:30.22]Right in the hostiles' camp.
[26:32.93]Look, Sully. I want you to learn these savages from the inside.
[26:38.35]I want you to gain their trust.
[26:40.10]I need to know how to force their cooperation
[26:41.94]or hammer them hard if they won't.
[26:45.94]- Am I still with Augustine? - On paper.
[26:48.28]Yeah, you walk like one of her science pukes, you quack like one,
[26:53.95]but you report to me.
[26:56.95]Can you do that for me, son?
[27:00.29]Hell, yeah, sir.
[27:02.58]Well, all right, then.
[27:15.39]Son, I take care of my own.
[27:18.35]You get me what I need,
[27:19.56]I'll see to it you get your legs back when you rotate home.
[27:23.69]Your real legs.
[27:27.86]That sounds real good, sir.
[27:36.62]- Link's ready! - Phase-Iock 40%.
[27:39.95]Just keep your mouth shut and let Norm do the talking.
[27:43.12]I have five congruencies. Phase-Iock 90%.
[27:46.75]Link three ready.
[27:48.76]All right, I'm going in.
[28:22.33]Sturmbeest herd coming up on your right.
[28:25.13]Got it! Thanks.
[28:27.46]Looks like a bull, a dozen cows and some juveniles.
[29:19.14]Shut it down. We're gonna stay a while.
[29:24.98]- Norm! Your pack. - Pack.
[29:31.40]Stay with the ship. One idiot with a gun is enough.
[29:37.82]You the man, Doc.
[30:16.07]Prolemuris. They're not aggressive.
[30:22.08]Relax, Marine. You're making me nervous.
[30:30.79]So, how will they know we're here?
[30:33.46]I'm sure they're watching us right now.
[30:40.26]This was our school.
[30:42.30]Now it's just... storage.
[30:46.43]The kids were so bright.
[30:49.06]Eager to learn.
[30:50.44]They picked up English faster than I could teach it.
[30:54.32]So, we'll take a couple of these Ph monitors...
[30:57.57]...and a soil probe.
[31:00.15]That little yellow case back there. The old microscope.
[31:07.25]Oh, yeah. I love this one.
[31:09.37]The stingbats knocked them down.
[31:19.13]I keep hoping someone will come back in and read them.
[31:22.43]Why don't they come back?
[31:26.06]The Omaticaya... learned as much about us as they needed to.
[31:37.32]What happened here?
[31:42.53]Are you going to help us with this gear? We've got a lot to do.
[32:00.13]- Keep moving, Norm. - Keep up, guys!
[32:04.51]- And here I go. - Scanning.
[32:10.52]Wow! It's that fast?
[32:15.94]- Amazing, isn't it? - Yeah.
[32:18.11]So, that is signal transduction from this root
[32:21.99]to the root of the tree next to it. So, we should take a sample.
[32:25.70]Okay. Sample.
[32:29.41]You know, it's probably electrical, based on the speed of the reaction.
[32:34.37]Norm, you've contaminated the sample with your saliva.
[33:08.37]So, here I go.
[33:35.73]Don't shoot. Don't shoot, you'll piss him off.
[33:43.32]It's already pissed off.
[33:45.11]Jake, that armor's too thick. Trust me.
[33:53.87]It's a territorial threat display. Do not run, or he'll charge.
[33:58.58]So, what do I do, dance with it?
[34:00.84]Just hold your ground.
[34:19.02]Yeah? Come on! What you got?
[34:22.52]Oh, yeah. Who's bad? That's right.
[34:25.49]Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, bitch.
[34:29.45]That's right, get your punk ass back to mommy.
[34:32.12]Yeah? Yeah, you got nothing. You keep running.
[34:35.12]Yeah, and why don't you bring back some of your friends, huh?
[34:41.21]Oh, shit.
[34:54.14]So what about this one? Run? Don't run? What?
[34:58.06]Run! Definitely run!
[38:46.58]I'm gonna have to call it, guys.
[38:47.96]We're not allowed to run night ops. Colonel's orders.
[38:52.59]I'm sorry, Doc, he's just gonna have to hang on till morning.
[38:55.92]He won't make it till morning.
[40:50.45]I don't have all goddamn night.
[40:53.25]Come on! Come on!
[42:09.28]Hey, wait. Don't!
[43:13.01]Look, I know you probably don't understand this,
[43:22.65]but thank you.
[43:29.03]Thank you.
[43:34.45]That was pretty impressive.
[43:38.66]I would have been screwed if you hadn't come along. It was...
[43:45.17]Hey, wait a second. Hey, where you going?
[43:49.30]Wait up!
[43:51.51]Just... Hey, slow down.
[43:53.34]Look, wait up, I just wanted to say thanks for killing those things.
[43:57.51]- Damn! - Don't thank.
[44:01.48]You don't thank for this.
[44:05.40]This is sad. Very sad only.
[44:10.28]Okay. Okay. I'm sorry.
[44:13.20]Whatever I did, I am sorry.
[44:18.54]All this is your fault. They did not need to die.
[44:22.54]My fault? They attacked me. How am I the bad guy?
[44:24.71]Your fault!
[44:26.84]- Your fault! - Easy. Easy.
[44:29.63]You're like a baby. Making noise, don't know what to do.
[44:37.14]Fine. Fine.
[44:40.72]If you love your little forest friends,
[44:44.39]why not let them just kill my ass?
[44:47.23]What's the thinking?
[44:49.82]- Why save you? - Yeah. Yeah, why save me?
[44:56.95]You have a strong heart.
[45:01.04]No fear.
[45:06.75]But stupid! Ignorant like a child.
[45:16.05]Well, if I'm like a child, then...
[45:19.14]Look, maybe you should teach me.
[45:21.43]Sky People cannot learn. You do not See.
[45:23.73]Well, then teach me how to See.
[45:25.64]- No one can teach you to See. - Whoa.
[45:29.48]Look, come on, can't we talk?
[45:32.90]Say, where'd you learn to speak English? Dr. Augustine's school?
[45:41.62]You're like a baby.
[45:49.50]I need your help.
[45:52.17]You should not be here.
[45:55.01]- Okay, take me with you. - No! Go back.
[46:03.06]Go back.
[46:53.69]What are they?
[46:56.53]Seeds of the Sacred Tree.
[46:59.57]Very pure spirits.
[47:25.35]What was that all about?
[47:35.23]Where are we going?
[48:03.30]What's your name?
[48:35.54]Calm people, calm.
[48:44.18]What are you doing, Tsu'tey?
[48:49.47]These demons are forbidden here.
[48:53.19]There has been a sign.
[48:55.52]This is a matter for the Tsahik.
[49:02.69]Bring him.
[49:05.20]What's going on?
[49:13.21]What's happening?
[50:29.07]...I see you.
[50:42.59]This creature...
[50:44.30]...why do you bring him here?
[50:48.84]I was going to kill him...
[50:50.51]...but there was a sign from Eywa.
[50:52.51]I have said...
[50:54.60] dreamwalker will come here.
[50:57.35]What's he saying?
[50:58.69]His alien smell fills my nose.
[51:01.61]Hey, what's he saying?
[51:02.69]My father is deciding whether to kill you.
[51:06.57]Your father. It's nice to meet you, sir.
[51:13.20]Step back!
[51:16.83]I will look at this alien.
[51:20.37]That is Mother.
[51:21.67]She is Tsahik. The one who interprets the will of Eywa.
[51:26.51]Who's Eywa?
[51:34.72]What are you called?
[51:37.39]Jake Sully.
[51:48.69]- Why did you come to us? - I came to learn.
[51:52.86]We have tried to teach other Sky People.
[51:55.91]It is hard to fill a cup which is already full.
[52:00.75]Well, my cup is empty, trust me.
[52:04.29]Just ask Dr. Augustine. I'm no scientist.
[52:07.05]What are you?
[52:10.76]I was a Marine. A...
[52:14.84]A warrior of the Jarhead clan.
[52:17.93]A warrior! I could kill him easily!
[52:22.56]This is the first warrior dreamwalker...
[52:26.77]...we have seen.
[52:28.73]We need to learn more about him.
[52:34.03]My Daughter...
[52:35.99] will teach him our way...
[52:40.37] speak and walk as we do.
[52:43.83]Why me? That's not fair...
[52:48.25]It is decided. My daughter will teach you our ways.
[52:52.47]Learn well, Jakesully.
[52:56.85]Then we will see if your insanity can be cured.
[53:19.37]Good evening.
[53:23.87]Please don't get up.
[53:27.50]Excuse me.
[53:35.43]Hey, how you doing?
[53:45.73]Thank you.
[53:49.27]You know, I don't even know your name.
[53:52.32]Neytiri te Ckaha Mo'at'ite.
[53:52.32]Neytiri te Ckaha Mo'at'ite.
[53:57.03]Again, a whole lot slower?
[54:07.67]It's nice to meet you, Neytiri.
[54:10.29]It's nice.
[54:54.38]- Jake. Jake! - He's in alpha.
[54:56.76]- He's coming out right now. - Jake. Jake!
[55:01.59]Come on back, kid. Come on. That's it.
[55:06.35]There you go. There you go, there you go.
[55:09.10]You're okay. You're okay.
[55:11.56]Damn! You were dug in like a tick.
[55:17.57]- Is the avatar safe? - Yeah, Doc.
[55:21.24]And you are not gonna believe where I am.
[55:24.95]The last thing we see is this Marine's ass
[55:28.04]disappearing into the brush with this angry thanator coming after him.
[55:32.17]- Hey, it's not something you can teach. - That is awesome.
[55:35.25]You know, for reasons I cannot fathom,
[55:37.63]the Omaticaya have chosen you. God help us all.
[55:42.30]"Jarhead clan"?
[55:45.39]- And it worked? - Hey, I'm practically family.
[55:49.52]They're gonna study me. I have to learn to be one of them.
[55:53.02]That's called taking the initiative, son.
[55:54.69]- I wish I had 10 more like you. - Look, Sully. Sully.
[55:57.32]Just find out what the blue monkeys want.
[56:01.49]You know, I mean, we try to give them medicine, education, roads.
[56:07.33]But no, no, no, they like mud.
[56:09.25]And that wouldn't bother me, it's just that they're...
[56:13.79]Hey, can you... Can somebody just... Sector 12.
[56:18.63]Okay, go, go, go, stop. Stop...
[56:21.84]Rich, stop! That's... Jesus!
[56:24.05]Their damn village happens to be resting on the richest unobtanium deposit
[56:30.23]within 200 klicks in any direction. I mean, look at all that cheddar!
[56:39.36]- Well, who gets them to move? - Guess.
[56:43.78]- What if they won't go? - I'm betting that they will.
[56:47.83]Okay, okay, okay, okay, hey. Look. Look.
[56:51.37]Killing the indigenous looks bad,
[56:54.29]but there's one thing that shareholders hate more than bad press,
[56:58.13]and that's a bad quarterly statement. I didn't make up the rules.
[57:01.38]So just find me a carrot that'll get them to move,
[57:05.34]otherwise it's gonna have to be all stick. Okay?
[57:09.01]You got three months. That's when the 'dozers get there.
[57:12.81]Well, we're wasting time.
[57:15.77]I like this guy.
[57:17.06]- Guys, right now... - Okay, let's run through them again.
[57:20.57]Mo'at. Dragon lady.
[57:24.95]- Eytucan. - Eytukan. He's the clan leader.
[57:27.99]But she's the spiritual leader. Like a shaman.
[57:31.24]Got it.
[57:32.91]- T'su'tey. - Tsu'tey.
[57:35.21]- Tsu'tey. - He'll be the next clan leader.
[57:39.96]- Neytiri. - She'll be the next Tsahik.
[57:42.51]They become a mated pair.
[57:45.51]- So who's this Eywa? - Who's Eywa?
[57:48.68]Only their deity. Their goddess, made up of all living things.
[57:52.35]Everything they know!
[57:53.77]You'd know this if you had any training whatsoever.
[57:55.98]Who's got a date with the chief's daughter?
[57:57.40]Come on. That's...
[57:59.65]Knock it off. It's like kindergarten around here.
[58:03.86]Neytiri was my best student.
[58:06.90]She and her sister, Sylwanin.
[58:09.99]Just amazing girls.
[58:12.49]I got a date with Sylwanin too.
[58:15.00]She's dead.
[58:19.92]Let's go. Village life starts early.
[58:24.67]Don't do anything unusually stupid.
[58:46.36]Easy, boy.
[58:48.32]Pale is female.
[58:53.37]Okay. Easy, girl.
[59:24.57]That is shahaylu. The bond.
[59:30.49]Feel her.
[59:34.87]Feel her heartbeat. Her breath.
[59:42.00]Feel her strong legs.
[59:46.25]You may tell her what to do.
[59:50.84]For now, say where to go.
[60:15.62]- You should go away. - No, you'd miss me.
[60:20.16]I knew you could speak English.
[60:25.04]This alien will learn nothing...
[60:27.63]...a rock sees more...
[60:29.63]...look at him.
[60:41.93]If you want to hit this thing, it's gonna be complicated.
[60:45.44]Your scan doesn't show the internal structure.
[60:48.02]There's an outer row of columns.
[60:50.15]Real heavy duty. There's a secondary ring here,
[60:52.99]and an inner ring. There's a core structure like a spiral.
[60:57.49]That's how they move up and down.
[60:59.20]We're gonna need accurate scans on every column.
[61:02.12]Roger that.
[61:03.58]What else can you tell us about the structure?
[61:06.29]I'm guessing this secondary ring, that's also load-bearing.
[61:13.67]- So where are we going? - Getting out of Dodge.
[61:18.51]I'm not about to let Selfridge and Quaritch micro-manage this thing.
[61:22.77]There's a mobile link up at Site 26 we can work out of,
[61:26.10]way up in the mountains.
[61:28.81]The Hallelujah Mountains?
[61:31.19]- That's right. - Are you serious?
[61:33.57]- Yeah. - Yes!
[61:38.99]The legendary floating mountains of Pandora. Heard of them?
[61:56.18]We're getting close.
[61:58.14]Yeah, look at my instruments.
[62:00.85]Yep. We're in the Flux Vortex.
[62:03.89]We're VFR from here on.
[62:06.23]What's VFR?
[62:08.19]Means you gotta see where you're going.
[62:10.65]- You can't see anything. - Exactly. Ain't that a bitch?
[62:33.05]Oh, my God.
[62:46.73]You should see your faces.
[63:15.13]Thank you for flying Air Pandora.
[63:30.56]So what does hold them up?
[63:33.36]Grace explained it to me.
[63:35.57]Some kind of maglev effect.
[63:37.57]Because unobtanium is a superconductor... or something.
[64:03.97]Welcome to camp.
[64:09.39]- So, this is my bunk. - This stuff is nasty.
[64:15.36]- Norm, go under. - All right.
[64:17.48]- Grace didn't miss a thing. - Trudy, you'll take the top one.
[64:21.03]She knew I was talking to the Colonel.
[64:23.53]But I had what she needed, a way back in with the clan,
[64:27.24]so she's playing nice.
[64:28.95]All right. Jake, hang a left. You'll be in the link at the end.
[64:36.92]Unit one. Beulah. She's the least glitchy.
[65:30.22]Holy shit!
[65:32.43]Do not look in her eye.
[65:42.90]Ikran is not horse.
[65:45.78]Once shahaylu is made,
[65:51.49]ikran will fly with only one hunter in the whole life.
[66:05.76]To become taronyu, hunter,
[66:08.59]you must choose your own ikran and he must choose you.
[66:14.73]- When? - When you are ready.
[67:07.15]Okay. This is video log 12.
[67:11.49]Time's 2132.
[67:14.62]Do I have to do this now? I really need to get some rack.
[67:18.04]No, now. When it's fresh.
[67:23.54]Okay, location, shack,
[67:26.38]and the days are starting to blur together.
[67:30.84]The language is a pain, but, you know,
[67:34.10]I figure it's like field-stripping a weapon. Just repetition, repetition.
[67:37.39]- Navi. - "Nari."
[67:39.06]- Nari. - "Narrri"!
[67:43.61]Txurni'ul. Stronger.
[67:50.24]Neytiri calls me skxawng. It means moron.
[67:56.24]This is a very important part of it.
[67:57.75]- Norm's attitude has improved lately. - I see you. I see you.
[67:59.96]But it's not just, "I'm seeing you in front of me,"
[68:02.42]it's "I see into you. I See you."
[68:04.17]It's good he's back on board, but he thinks I'm a skxawng, too.
[68:06.92]"I'm accepting you. I understand you." So you gotta get this, okay?
[68:09.51]I gotta run! Okay? Let's go.
[68:13.26]My feet are getting tougher. I can run farther every day.
[68:18.72]I have to trust my body to know what to do.
[68:26.94]Yeah! Check it out!
[68:29.49]Oh, crap!
[68:35.03]Every day it's reading the trails, the tracks at the waterhole,
[68:39.95]the tiniest scents and sounds.
[68:47.75]She's always going on about the flow of energy, the spirits of animals.
[68:53.30]I really hope this tree-hugger crap isn't on the final.
[68:56.10]This isn't just about eye-hand coordination out there, you know.
[68:59.81]You need to listen to what she says.
[69:02.60]Try to see the forest through her eyes.
[69:05.81]Excuse me. This is my video log here.
[69:23.83]With Neytiri, it's learn fast or die.
[69:27.67]You gotta be kidding me.
[69:58.87]I talked Mo'at into letting Grace into the village.
[70:01.04]Look how big you are.
[70:03.35]It's the first time since her school was closed down.
[70:04.75]You are so pretty.
[70:35.74]Come on, Marine.
[71:02.55]I'm trying to understand this deep connection
[71:05.35]the people have to the forest.
[71:08.02]She talks about a network of energy
[71:11.69]that flows through all living things.
[71:15.15]She says all energy is only borrowed,
[71:19.36]and one day you have to give it back.
[72:03.07]You were in 16 hours today.
[72:08.41]You're still losing weight.
[72:14.92]No, you don't.
[72:16.63]- I gotta get some sleep. - Come back here.
[72:21.59]Bon appetit.
[72:25.43]Today I made a kill.
[72:27.89]And we ate it. At least, I know where that meal came from.
[72:31.10]Other body. You need to take care of this body. Okay?
[72:35.36]- Get it? Let's eat it. - Yeah, yeah.
[72:37.65]Here. I'll make it easy for you.
[72:40.11]Give it to me.
[72:42.45]- You look like crap. - Thank you.
[72:44.03]You're burning way too hard.
[72:46.87]Get rid of this shit.
[72:48.79]And then you can lecture me.
[72:51.79]Now, I'm telling you, as your boss,
[72:55.96]and as someone who might even consider being a friend someday
[72:59.38]to take some down time.
[73:01.88]Eat this, please.
[73:05.14]Trust me, I... learned the hard way.
[73:22.99]What did happen at the school, Grace?
[73:33.75]Neytiri's sister, Sylwanin, stopped coming to school.
[73:39.46]She was angry about the clear-cutting.
[73:43.51]And one day, she and a couple of other young hunters came running in
[73:46.97]all painted up.
[73:50.18]They had set a bulldozer on fire.
[73:56.14]I guess they thought I could protect them.
[74:01.82]The troopers pursued them to the school.
[74:05.82]They killed Sylwanin in the doorway.
[74:08.07]Right in front of Neytiri.
[74:10.49]And then shot the others.
[74:14.45]I got most of the kids out.
[74:20.00]But they never came back.
[74:25.47]I'm sorry.
[74:35.06]A scientist stays objective.
[74:39.69]We can't be ruled by emotion.
[74:43.61]But I put 10 years of my life into that school.
[74:47.82]They called me sa'nok.
[74:57.16]That kind of pain reaches back through the link.
[75:27.03]I see you...
[75:29.91]...and thank you.
[75:36.24]Your spirit goes with Eywa.
[75:38.66]Your body stays behind...
[75:40.79] become part of The People.
[75:47.13]A clean kill.
[75:51.97]You are ready.
[76:19.12]Learning to ride an ikran, we call them banshees,
[76:22.58]is the test every young hunter has to pass.
[76:27.38]But to do that, you gotta go where the banshees are.
[77:04.25]Now what?
[78:53.61]Jakesully will go first.
[79:28.44]Now you choose your ikran. This you must feel inside.
[79:33.36]If he also chooses you, move quick like I showed.
[79:36.40]You will have one chance, Jake.
[79:39.28]How will I know if he chooses me?
[79:41.53]He will try to kill you.
[80:46.35]Let's dance.
[80:53.90]That moron's going to die.
[81:19.63]Don't be afraid, warrior.
[81:21.59]Make the bond!
[81:46.53]Shahaylu, Jake.
[82:11.64]Yeah, that's right. You're mine. Huh?
[82:29.95]First flight seals the bond. You cannot wait.
[82:34.41]- Think, "Fly!" - Fly?
[82:45.22]God damn!
[82:50.89]Oh, shit!
[83:01.61]Shut up and fly straight!
[83:14.04]That's it. Bank left!
[83:25.67]Level out! That's it.
[84:06.17]Let's go!
[84:19.93]Yeah, baby, I got this!
[84:22.69]Oh, shit!
[84:29.24]I may not be much of a horse guy, but I was born to do this.
[84:35.87]- I came like this. This you. - Yeah, yeah.
[84:39.04]- I turn. I feel the wind. I turn very strong. - Look, yeah, see, I banked so hard...
[85:46.10]The Tree of Souls.
[85:51.53]It's their most sacred place.
[85:54.49]See the Flux Vortex in these false color images?
[85:57.41]Yeah, that's what messes up my instruments.
[85:59.58]There is something really interesting going on in there biologically.
[86:05.50]I would die to get samples.
[86:08.17]Outsiders are strictly forbidden.
[86:11.09]You lucky swine.
[87:33.79]Hell, yeah!
[87:34.96]Hell, yeah!
[87:49.31]I was a stone-cold aerial hunter. Death from above.
[87:54.36]Only problem is, you're not the only one.
[88:25.18]Go, go!
[88:34.56]Follow me!
[89:22.32]Our guys call it a Great Leonopteryx.
[89:25.82]It is Toruk. Last Shadow.
[89:30.62]Yeah, right. It's the last one you ever see.
[89:38.34]My grandfather's grandfather was Toruk Macto.
[89:42.80]Rider of Last Shadow.
[89:45.97]He rode this?
[89:49.06]Toruk chose him.
[89:51.02]It has only happened five times since the time of the First Songs.
[89:54.98]- That's a long time. - Yes.
[89:57.69]Toruk Macto was mighty.
[90:01.40]He brought the clans together in a time of great sorrow.
[90:05.24]All Na'vi people know the story.
[90:14.29]Everything is backwards now. Like out there is the true world
[90:19.63]and in here is the dream.
[90:42.32]It's hard to believe it's only been three months.
[90:48.07]I can barely remember my old life.
[90:54.08]I don't know who I am anymore.
[91:14.68]Haven't gotten lost in the woods, have you?
[91:20.69]Your last report was more than two weeks ago.
[91:25.82]I'm starting to doubt your resolve!
[91:30.91]The way I see it, it's time to terminate the mission.
[91:33.49]No, I can do this.
[91:35.45]You already have.
[91:38.00]You give me good, usable intel.
[91:40.29]This Tree of Souls place.
[91:42.96]Yeah, I got them by the balls with that when this turns into a shit fight
[91:46.42]which it will. Yeah.
[91:49.13]Now it's time to come in.
[91:52.60]By the way,
[91:54.97]you gonna get your legs back.
[91:57.85]Yeah. I got your corporate approval. It's a done deal.
[92:01.52]Gonna have you on a shuttle tonight.
[92:04.06]I'm a man of my word.
[92:08.78]I gotta finish this.
[92:12.82]There's one more thing.
[92:15.08]Ceremony. It's the final stage of becoming a man.
[92:22.54]If I do it, I'm one of them.
[92:26.17]And they'll trust me.
[92:31.59]And I can negotiate the terms of their relocation.
[92:48.40]Well, then, you'd better get it done, Corporal.
[93:08.34]The Na'vi say that every person is born twice.
[93:14.34]The second time is when you earn your place among The People forever.
[93:25.27]You are now a son of the Omaticaya.
[93:30.78]You are part of The People.
[94:20.33]Come. Come.
[94:39.97]This is a place for prayers to be heard.
[94:44.31]And sometimes answered.
[94:54.03]We call these trees Utraya Mokri.
[94:57.74]The Tree of Voices.
[95:01.49]The voices of our ancestors.
[95:18.68]I can hear them.
[95:25.18]They live, Jake,
[95:28.85]within Eywa.
[95:34.44]You are Omaticaya now.
[95:37.03]You may make your bow from the wood of Hometree.
[95:45.66]And you may choose a woman.
[95:49.87]We have many fine women.
[95:53.04]Ninat is the best singer.
[95:57.92]But I don't want Ninat.
[96:04.14]Beyral is a good hunter.
[96:07.77]Yeah, she is a good hunter.
[96:11.94]I've already chosen.
[96:17.19]But this woman must also choose me.
[96:23.70]She already has.
[97:19.76]I am with you now, Jake.
[97:23.26]We are mated for life.
[97:31.43]What the hell are you doing, Jake?
[98:03.92]Ma Jake!
[98:05.13]Don't forget your phase integration.
[98:06.51]- Jake! - No, no, the middle button.
[98:07.93]- You gotta eat something. - Yeah, there you go.
[98:18.27]Jake! Jake. Wake up! Jake, please!
[98:23.86]Don't make me force-feed a cripple.
[98:27.53]Grace, I don't want... Hey!
[98:55.14]Here. I'm done. Let's go.
[98:57.23]And when was the last time you took a shower?
[98:59.56]- I don't need a shower. - Jesus, Marine.
[99:13.83]Jake! Wake up! Jake! Wake up!
[99:24.25]Stop! Stop!
[99:26.76]- Jake! - Go back, stop!
[99:33.76]Hey, boss.
[99:39.35]- What? - I got a native
[99:40.52]doing the funky chicken here. He's blocking my blade.
[99:43.57]Well, keep going. He'll move.
[99:46.78]These people have to learn that we don't stop. Come on, go, go, go.
[99:52.37]Stop! Hey!
[99:54.66]Go! Go!
[99:57.96]There, see? He moved.
[100:11.80]Dude, dude. Whoa, dude! Dude, no!
[100:14.68]I'm blind.
[100:27.61]- Jake! - Neytiri!
[100:31.45]Here, come on!
[100:58.02]Freeze it right there.
[101:02.19]Scale up. Enhance.
[101:06.27]Son of a bitch.
[101:11.86]- Get me a pilot. - Yes, sir.
[101:20.79]Tsu'tey will lead the war party.
[101:29.55]Stop please!
[101:32.34]This will only make it worse.
[101:34.59]You do not speak here!
[101:37.43]We will strike them in the heart.
[101:47.02]Tsu'tey! Don't do this.
[101:52.32]- You! - Listen. Brother...
[101:59.33]- You mated with this woman? - Oh, shit.
[102:03.75]Is this true?
[102:07.25]We are mated before Eywa. It is done.
[102:11.84]Brother, please.
[102:13.09]Do not attack the Sky People. Many Omaticaya will die if you do.
[102:16.93]You are not my brother!
[102:22.43]And I am not your enemy!
[102:25.85]The enemy is out there, and they are very powerful!
[102:30.98]Go! Go! Go!
[102:35.99]- I can talk to them. - No more talk.
[102:46.12]I am Omaticaya. I am one of you.
[102:49.84]And I have the right to speak.
[102:56.72]I have something to say...
[103:00.93] all of you.
[103:06.43]The words are like stones in my heart.
[103:12.86]Sir, I'm sorry. No, no, no! Hold on!
[103:14.86]You can't interrupt a link in progress!
[103:18.32]It's very dangerous!
[103:24.66]Oh, no.
[103:26.08]- Wait! - Stay down, sir.
[103:29.58]Okay. Look...
[103:32.92]I was sent here to...
[103:37.88]You see?
[103:39.47]It is a demon in a false body.
[104:01.82]- Are you out of your goddamn mind? - You crossed the line.
[104:08.66]Wheel this meat out of here.
[104:12.54]Jake! What the hell is going on here?
[104:18.34]You let me down, son.
[104:22.09]So, what,
[104:24.89]you find yourself some local tail
[104:26.93]and you just completely forget what team you're playing for?
[104:30.23]Parker, there is time to salvage the situation.
[104:32.81]- Parker... - Shut your pie hole!
[104:35.40]Or what, Ranger Rick? You gonna shoot me?
[104:39.69]- I could do that. - You need to muzzle your dog.
[104:42.53]Yeah, can we just take this down a couple of notches, please?
[104:45.37]You say you want to keep your people alive?
[104:47.91]You start by listening to her.
[104:50.04]Those trees were sacred to the Omaticaya
[104:52.42]- in a way you can't imagine. - You know what?
[104:54.25]You throw a stick in the air around here,
[104:56.63]it's gonna land on some sacred fern,
[104:59.71]- for Christ's sake! - I'm not talking
[105:01.13]about some kind of pagan voodoo here. I'm talking about something real,
[105:05.64]something measurable in the biology of the forest.
[105:07.81]Something measurable in the biology of the forest.
[105:08.39]Which is what, exactly?
[105:10.93]What we think we know
[105:12.31]is that there is some kind of electrochemical communication
[105:15.77]between the roots of the trees, like the synapses between neurons.
[105:20.28]And each tree has ten-to-the-fourth connections to the trees around it.
[105:24.95]And there are ten-to-the-twelfth trees on Pandora.
[105:28.99]Which is a lot, I'm guessing.
[105:31.33]It's more connections than the human brain.
[105:34.92]Get it? It's a network.
[105:37.50]It's a global network, and the Na'vi can access it.
[105:40.63]They can upload and download data. Memories.
[105:44.18]At sites like the one you just destroyed.
[105:49.81]What the hell have you people been smoking out there?
[105:54.56]They're just goddamn trees!
[105:58.40]- You need to wake up, Parker. - No. You need to wake up.
[106:01.19]The wealth of this world isn't in the ground. It's all around us.
[106:05.78]The Na'vi know that, and they are fighting to defend it.
[106:09.58]If you want to share this world with them, you need to understand them.
[106:13.96]I'd say we understand them just fine, thanks to Jake here.
[106:20.38]Hey, Doc, come take a look.
[106:22.92]They're not gonna give up their home.
[106:26.97]They're not gonna make a deal.
[106:29.68]For what? Lite beer?
[106:32.56]And blue jeans?
[106:37.35]There's nothing that we have that they want.
[106:42.15]Everything they sent me out here to do is a waste of time.
[106:50.12]They're never gonna leave Hometree.
[106:54.41]So, since a deal can't be made, I guess things get real simple.
[107:00.63]Jake, thanks. I'm getting all emotional.
[107:05.17]I might just give you a big wet kiss.
[107:33.49]Talk to me, Lyle.
[107:35.54]It looks like they hit it with banshees first.
[107:38.21]See the angle's steep?
[107:44.13]They set the ampsuit on fire.
[107:46.51]Driver's toast.
[107:49.22]The rest of the squad?
[107:52.14]Six bodies. That's all of them.
[107:56.52]The equipment's totaled.
[108:00.56]Jesus Christ.
[108:06.19]I'll do it with minimal casualties to the indigenous.
[108:10.45]I'll drive them out with gas first.
[108:14.20]It'll be humane.
[108:17.41]More or less.
[108:20.58]All right, let's pull the trigger.
[108:25.88]Come on, people. Let's get it packed, let's go.
[108:28.59]You know, they never even wanted us to succeed.
[108:32.59]They bulldozed a sacred site on purpose to trigger a response.
[108:38.22]Just fabricating this war to get what they want.
[108:41.52]This is how it's done.
[108:46.19]When people are sitting on shit that you want,
[108:49.57]you make them your enemy. Then you're justified in taking it.
[108:53.70]Quaritch is rolling the gunships. He's gonna hit Hometree.
[108:57.08]My God.
[109:04.54]- Dr. Augustine! You cannot be up here! - Back off!
[109:08.80]Parker. Wait. Stop. These are people you're about to...
[109:12.59]- No. No, no, no, no. - I said back off!
[109:13.76]They're fly-bitten savages that live in a tree!
[109:17.26]All right? Look around!
[109:19.06]I don't know about you, but I see a lot of trees! They can move!
[109:22.85]- Can you guys just please... - Yes, sir.
[109:24.40]There are families in there. There are children. Babies.
[109:26.98]Are you gonna kill children?
[109:28.36]You don't want that kind of blood on your hands. Believe me.
[109:32.36]Just let me try to talk them out.
[109:35.57]They trust me.
[109:40.33]Calibrate fast. We're going in, right now.
[109:42.83]Calibrating three and four.
[109:44.83]- Run sequence. - Initiating. Thirty seconds.
[109:52.17]Listen to me. You've got one hour.
[109:53.97]Unless you want your girlfriend in there when the ax comes down,
[109:56.64]you get them to evacuate. One hour.
[110:07.69]Eytukan, I have something to say.
[110:13.49]Speak, Jakesully.
[110:16.32]A great evil is upon us...
[110:19.62]The Sky People are coming...
[110:21.74] destroy Hometree.
[110:26.71]Look, tell them they're gonna be here soon.
[110:30.71]You have to leave, or you're gonna die.
[110:33.55]Are you certain of this?
[110:39.30]Look, they sent me here to learn your ways
[110:44.18]so one day I could bring this message and that you would believe it.
[110:50.02]What are you saying, Jake? You knew this would happen?
[110:58.41]Look, at first it was just orders,
[111:02.37]and then everything changed.
[111:04.75]Okay? I fell in love.
[111:07.21]I fell in love with the forest and with the Omaticaya people.
[111:13.67]And with you.
[111:16.09]- I trusted you. - With you. With you.
[111:18.01]- I trusted you! - Trust me now, please.
[111:28.23]You will never be one of The People!
[111:30.73]- I shouldn't have... - We tried to stop them!
[111:32.61]Neytiri, please! Please.
[111:39.57]Bind them.
[111:42.37]Leave now!
[111:43.66]You have to go. They're coming!
[112:00.84]Time on target, one mike.
[112:03.10]Copy. We have a visual.
[112:05.14]Roger that. Stay on heading 030.
[112:08.27]Roger, 030.
[112:23.41]- Run to the forest! - They're coming!
[112:27.08]- They will destroy this place. - Neytiri, you must go now!
[112:34.67]Run to the forest! Run!
[112:39.34]Run! Run!
[112:40.68]Have no fear.
[113:01.20]No! God damn it, run!
[113:05.16]Take the ikran...
[113:06.70]...attack from above.
[113:12.54]That is one big damn tree.
[113:22.26]Well, well, well. I'd say diplomacy has failed.
[113:28.43]All right, people, let's get this done!
[113:30.60]I want every gas round you got right in the front door.
[113:33.52]Roger. CS.40's going hot.
[113:35.94]- Fire. - Firing.
[113:48.58]Bingo. Mighty good shooting, ace.
[113:58.54]Sir, they've opened fire.
[114:02.09]You've got to be kidding me!
[114:16.40]These dumb bastards ain't getting the message.
[114:18.98]All right, let's turn up the heat.
[114:20.73]- Switch incendiaries! - Switching incendiaries.
[114:42.46]Get everyone to the forest.
[114:47.59]And that's how you scatter the roaches.
[115:03.44]We gotta move! He's gonna blow the columns!
[115:06.57]My God!
[115:26.42]- Mo'at! No! - Lf you are one of us,
[115:31.30]help us.
[115:40.40]All call signs, switch missiles.
[115:42.57]Give me HE's at the base of the west columns.
[115:46.94]This way!
[115:49.32]Rider section, switch missiles.
[115:51.28]- One's good. - Two's rocks up.
[115:53.33]- Three's up. - Yeah, baby, get some!
[115:56.41]Charlie Oscar, Gunrunner standing by.
[115:58.75]- Bring it down. - Cleared hot.
[116:07.21]Come on, Grace, move!
[116:11.43]Down! Head down!
[116:15.60]Come on, come on! Down!
[116:22.61]- Solid hits. - Solid rocks on target.
[116:24.69]Screw this.
[116:27.11]Hey! What the hell are you doing?
[116:29.20]I didn't sign up for this shit!
[116:40.67]Repeat. Ripple fire.
[117:26.09]Go! Go! Go!
[118:00.75]No, no, get back! Back!
[118:22.22]Come on! Come on, move! Move!
[119:09.81]That's good work, people. First round's on me tonight.
[119:14.11]Let's boogie.
[119:15.78]Dragon coming left, heading home.
[119:18.66]Gunrunner coming left.
[119:20.66]- Thunder copies. - Rider section copies.
[119:50.23]take... my... bow.
[119:57.44]Protect The People.
[120:21.59]- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. - Get away.
[120:25.97]Get away!
[120:28.35]Get away from here!
[120:31.56]Never come back!
[120:50.83]Pull the plug.
[120:52.96]- No, you can't do that! - You can't do that!
[120:55.63]- Calm down! Calm down! - No! Please!
[121:13.81]I was a warrior who dreamed he could bring peace.
[121:17.78]Sooner or later, though, you always have to wake up.
[121:24.49]Let's go!
[121:33.79]Put him down!
[121:38.75]You murderer!
[122:28.14]What's going on, brother? Long time no see.
[122:32.73]Personally, I don't feel these tree-hugging traitors deserve steak.
[122:35.52]They get steak? That's bullshit. Let me see that.
[122:39.90]Yeah. You know what that is. Down.
[122:42.53]- Trudy! - All the way down.
[122:59.75]Trudy, fire up the ship! Go!
[123:16.02]- Clear. Come on. - Here you go.
[123:34.04]Max, stay here. I need someone on the inside I can trust.
[123:38.00]Okay. Go.
[123:56.23]Come on, baby.
[123:57.52]Colonel? Sir? I got a situation here.
[124:03.94]It's Samson 1-6. Unauthorized engine start.
[124:14.16]Come on!
[124:17.33]Mask on!
[124:21.25]Gas, gas, gas!
[124:24.71]I'm taking fire! Let's go!
[124:29.22]Grab my hand! Come on, we're in. Let's go!
[124:33.35]Come on, let's go! Let's go, go!
[124:55.87]- Yeah! Yeah! - All right! Yes!
[125:02.62]- Crap. - Everybody all right back there?
[125:05.38]Oh, yeah, baby!
[125:06.92]- Norm, you good? - Yeah!
[125:09.72]This is gonna ruin my whole day.
[125:12.30]- Grace is hit! - What?
[125:15.22]- Get the trauma kit. - Trauma kit!
[125:16.89]- Keep the pressure on, Grace. - Trauma kit's forward, on the bulkhead.
[125:20.48]- Hang on, Grace. - Doesn't matter. It's fine.
[125:28.32]- You're good to go. - Take it up!
[125:31.95]Hold on. I'm pulling pitch.
[125:38.20]You're clear!
[125:47.59]Just keep going north. Get us deep in the mountains.
[125:50.42]Copy that.
[125:58.81]- Norm, you all good up there? - Yep! Still here.
[126:03.98]Well, at least they can't track us up here. Not this far into the Vortex.
[126:08.73]It's strongest at the Tree of Souls, right?
[126:12.44]Good. 'Cause that's where we're going.
[126:27.79]You big baby.
[126:30.59]We're moving.
[126:32.59]I'm gonna get you some help, Grace.
[126:35.59]I'm a scientist, remember?
[126:38.68]I don't believe in fairy tales.
[126:41.97]The People can help you.
[126:44.35]I know it.
[126:47.65]Why would they help us?
[127:05.54]The People say Eywa will provide.
[127:10.59]With no home, no hope,
[127:14.34]there was only one place they could go.
[127:30.94]Link's running.
[127:32.86]- What's the plan here, Jake? - There's no plan.
[127:36.90]Tsu'tey is Olo'eyktan now. He's not gonna let you near that place.
[127:42.53]I gotta try.
[128:16.57]I was in the place the eye does not see.
[128:30.46]I needed their help, and they needed mine.
[128:35.25]But to ever face them again,
[128:37.30]I was gonna have to take it to a whole new level.
[128:48.35]Sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane move.
[128:54.44]There's something we gotta do.
[128:56.90]You're not gonna like it.
[129:08.62]The way I had it figured, Toruk is the baddest cat in the sky.
[129:12.50]Nothing attacks him.
[129:14.67]Easy, boy.
[129:16.46]So why would he ever look up?
[129:19.42]But that was just a theory.
[130:31.75]Toruk Macto?
[131:13.16]I See you.
[131:17.75]I See you.
[131:27.38]I was afraid, Jake.
[131:30.51]For my people.
[131:35.06]I'm not anymore.
[131:46.11]Tsu'tey, son of Ateyo...
[131:49.07]...I stand before you...
[131:52.12]...ready to serve the Omaticaya people.
[131:57.87]You are Olo'eyktan, and you are a great warrior.
[132:03.30]I can't do this without you.
[132:12.51]Toruk Macto,
[132:21.77]I will fly with you.
[132:26.82]My friend is dying.
[132:30.95]Grace is dying.
[132:34.49]I beg the help of Eywa.
[132:48.26]Look where we are, Grace.
[132:56.97]I need to take some samples.
[133:22.79]The Great Mother may choose to save all that she is
[133:28.09]in this body.
[133:32.09]Is that possible?
[133:33.84]She must pass through the eye of Eywa and return.
[133:39.60]But, Jakesully,
[133:42.14]she is very weak.
[133:45.23]Hang on, Grace. They're gonna fix you up.
[133:51.24]Hear us please, All Mother.
[133:54.41]Eywa, help her.
[133:57.41]Take this spirit into you...
[134:03.16]...and breathe her back to us.
[134:09.21]Let her walk among us...
[134:13.38] one of The People.
[134:51.09]I'm with her, Jake.
[134:54.80]She's real!
[134:59.22]Grace? Grace, please. Grace!
[135:03.56]What's happening?
[135:06.14]What's happening?
[135:17.28]What's happening?
[135:25.16]Did it work?
[135:32.25]Her wounds were too great. It was not enough time.
[135:38.01]She is with Eywa now.
[136:13.55]With your permission, I will speak now.
[136:18.59]You would honor me by translating.
[136:28.14]The Sky People have sent us a message
[136:33.73]that they can take whatever they want
[136:37.94]and no one can stop them.
[136:43.32]Well, we will send them a message.
[136:47.75]You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you.
[136:53.38]You tell the other clans to come.
[136:58.88]You tell them Toruk Macto calls to them.
[137:03.60]And you fly now with me!
[137:07.43]My brothers! Sisters!
[137:11.02]And we will show the Sky People
[137:14.11]that they cannot take whatever they want,
[137:17.48]and that this,
[137:19.65]this is our land!
[138:34.06]We rode out to the four winds.
[138:38.31]To the horse clans of the plain.
[138:43.70]Back to the stars!
[138:44.82]To the ikran people ofthe Eastern Sea.
[138:47.07]For our children's children!
[138:48.45]When Toruk Macto called them, they came.
[139:32.41]Everyone on this base, every one of you,
[139:35.00]is fighting for survival.
[139:36.91]That's a fact!
[139:39.25]There's an aboriginal horde out there massing for an attack.
[139:44.09]Now, these orbital images tell me
[139:48.38]that the hostiles' numbers have gone from a few hundred
[139:51.64]to well over 2,000 in one day.
[139:54.77]And more are pouring in.
[139:59.23]In a week's time, there could be 20,000 of them.
[140:02.73]At that point, they will overrun our perimeter.
[140:05.11]Well, that's not gonna happen!
[140:08.95]Our only security lies in pre-emptive attack.
[140:12.62]We will fight terror with terror.
[140:19.33]Now, the hostiles believe that this mountain stronghold of theirs
[140:23.59]is protected by their...
[140:26.01]Their deity.
[140:28.72]And when we destroy it,
[140:30.84]we will blast a crater in their racial memory so deep
[140:33.30]that they won't come within 1,000 klicks of this place ever again.
[140:36.89]And that, too, is a fact.
[140:40.31]Yeah! Yeah.
[140:52.53]Jake, it's crazy here. It's full mobilization. They're rigging the shuttle as a bomber.
[140:56.58]They've got these huge pallets of mine explosives.
[140:58.91]It's for some kind of shock-and-awe campaign.
[141:01.92]Fricking daisy cutters!
[141:05.34]Quaritch has taken over. He's rolling, and there's no stopping him.
[141:08.26]- When? - 0600 tomorrow.
[141:10.43]- Max! Max! - I gotta go.
[141:14.18]We're screwed!
[141:17.14]And I was hoping for some sort of tactical plan
[141:19.39]that didn't involve martyrdom.
[141:23.10]We're going up against gunships with bows and arrows.
[141:29.49]I have 15 clans out there.
[141:32.20]That's over 2,000 warriors.
[141:35.83]Now, we know these mountains. We fly them. You fly them. They don't.
[141:41.33]Their instruments won't work up here. Missile tracking won't work.
[141:45.88]They'll have to fire a line of sight.
[141:47.46]If they bring the fight to us, then we have the home-field advantage.
[141:53.59]You know he's gonna commit that bomber straight to the Tree of Souls.
[141:57.14]Yeah, I know.
[141:58.39]If they get to the Tree of Souls, it's over.
[142:01.02]That's their direct line to Eywa, their ancestors.
[142:05.02]It'll destroy them.
[142:07.06]Then I guess we'd better stop him.
[142:24.58]I'm probably just talking to a tree right now.
[142:30.00]But if you're there, I need to give you a heads-up.
[142:37.30]If Grace is with you, look into her memories.
[142:42.98]See the world we come from.
[142:46.19]There's no green there.
[142:49.48]They killed their Mother.
[142:52.28]And they're gonna do the same here.
[142:56.41]More Sky People are gonna come.
[142:59.08]They're gonna come like a rain that never ends.
[143:03.41]Unless we stop them.
[143:07.75]Look, you chose me for something.
[143:12.30]I will stand and fight.
[143:15.22]You know I will.
[143:19.30]But I need a little help here.
[143:27.69]Our Great Mother does not take sides, Jake.
[143:32.53]She protects only the balance of life.
[143:47.79]It was worth a try.
[144:20.20]Yeah! Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!
[144:22.24]Yeah! Yeah! That's what I'm talking about, man!
[144:37.72]This is Group Leader. We are entering the Flux Vortex.
[144:41.47]- Switch to manual flight mode. - Copy. Manual flight mode.
[145:19.97]This is Papa Dragon.
[145:21.93]I want this mission high and tight. I want to be home for dinner.
[145:32.52]- Suit Team, go. - All right, ladies, let's bring the pain!
[145:46.83]Move, move, move!
[145:54.08]Bravo 1-1, move left.
[145:56.42]Bravo 1-1 moving left. Watch flank.
[146:02.17]- Watch formation. Keep moving. - Roger that.
[146:05.80]Charlie 2-1, watch your spacing.
[146:08.31]Copy that. Over.
[146:09.68]Eyes up. Check that overhead. And watch those thermal scans.
[146:14.98]All call signs, Papa has lead, pushing to target.
[146:18.36]Escorts, stay close on my shuttle.
[146:25.91]We are gonna lose some paint in here.
[146:29.41]Gun crews, keep your head on a swivel.
[146:32.16]Make no mistake, people, they're out there.
[146:36.67]All right, people, target in sight. Range, four klicks.
[146:40.00]Valkyrie 1-6, get your payload ready.
[146:42.34]- Copy. Prepare to offload. - Staff Sergeant, stage the weapon.
[146:45.63]Roll it to the ramp! Let's go!
[146:59.19]Charlie 2-1, got big movement.
[147:01.32]- Hold position. - Hold up, hold up.
[147:02.82]- We got movement out there, 500 meters. - Charlie 2-1, hold position.
[147:13.08]Sir, ground has movement! Fast approaching.
[147:16.08]- Charlie Oscar, Rider section. - Firing line!
[147:19.04]Targets closing. Range, 400 meters.
[147:22.46]- Can't you clean it up? - No, sir. It's the Flux.
[147:53.49]Brother, I'm gonna punch a hole. You follow me through.
[148:37.91]All aircraft, weapons free! Weapons free!
[148:41.79]Break right. Come around.
[148:46.55]Light them up!
[148:55.68]Break formation, engage all hostiles.
[149:05.15]Yeah! Get some!
[149:46.02]Scorpions, pursue and destroy.
[149:58.70]Jake! Jake! You copy?
[150:01.16]We're falling back! We're getting hammered!
[150:03.87]Copy. Get out of there.
[150:10.05]That's him. Get after him!
[150:28.40]Take him out!
[150:38.20]Light her up!
[150:48.67]Right there!
[150:50.21]You're not the only one with a gun, bitch.
[150:52.72]- Keep her in your sights. - Purging. Feeding the leak.
[150:54.43]Arming all pods.
[151:01.22]That's it!
[152:38.03]Rogue One is hit. I'm going in.
[152:41.16]Sorry, Jake.
[153:18.78]Tsu'tey! Brother, do you read?
[153:24.12]Rogue One, you copy?
[153:39.84]Time to target, two minutes.
[153:41.47]Valkyrie 1-6, you are cleared and hot.
[153:43.97]Copy, Dragon. We are starting our bomb run.
[153:51.98]- Arm number one! - Number one armed!
[153:57.19]Ma Jake!
[154:00.36]I read you.
[154:10.66]- Neytiri! - Seyzey's dead.
[154:13.25]They are very close. They are many.
[154:17.17]Do not attack.
[154:19.25]Do you read me, Neytiri?
[154:23.80]Do not attack!
[154:25.43]Fall back now. Get out of there! That's an order!
[154:39.98]I got movement, I got movement.
[154:41.99]Hold position. Something's coming.
[154:44.32]Bravo 1-1, I got a big seating. Turn screens over.
[154:46.20]- We got movement 200 meters. - Hold your formation.
[154:48.41]- Be ready. - Watch your flanks.
[154:55.29]Hundred meters and closing fast.
[155:13.35]We gotta get out of here!
[155:22.73]- Fall back! Fall back! - Move! Move! Move!
[155:24.53]Fall back! On the run! On the run!
[155:34.08]Jake, Eywa has heard you.
[155:43.67]Eywa has heard you!
[155:56.02]Come on!
[156:09.70]Fall back! Move! Move!
[156:36.06]Sir! All escorts are down or falling back.
[156:38.77]Let's get this done. Valkyrie 1-6, this is Dragon.
[156:42.98]- Press to target. - Copy. Pressing to target.
[156:45.90]Stand by to drop, 30 seconds.
[157:07.76]On my mark. Two, one, mark.
[157:10.26]Drop! Drop! Drop! Go, go, go, go!
[157:12.59]Drop! Drop! Drop! Go, go, go, go!
[158:04.94]It's Sully.
[158:20.00]- Mask on! - Breach alarm!
[161:06.66]Come on. Come to papa.
[161:35.98]Give it up, Quaritch!
[161:40.82]It's all over.
[161:43.57]Nothing's over while I'm breathing.
[161:46.12]I kind of hoped you'd say that.
[162:44.55]Come on!
[163:01.65]Hey, Sully, how's it feel to betray your own race?
[163:10.41]You think you're one of them?
[163:13.83]Time to wake up.
[165:50.99]Jake! Ma Jake!
[166:34.66]I See you.
[166:41.58]I See you.
[167:08.02]I See you, Brother.
[167:10.44]Are The People safe?
[167:14.49]They're safe.
[167:22.12]I can't...
[167:24.79]I cannot lead The People.
[167:27.58]You must lead them... Jakesully.
[167:31.30]I'm not officer material.
[167:33.30]It is decided.
[167:40.81] the duty of Olo'eyktan.
[167:47.81]I will not kill you.
[167:49.52]It is the way!
[167:53.48]And it is good.
[167:57.32]I will be remembered.
[168:01.78]I fought... with Toruk Macto!
[168:08.33]And we were brothers.
[168:11.63]And he... was my last shadow.
[169:02.14]The aliens went back to their dying world.
[169:07.14]Only a few were chosen to stay.
[169:22.28]The time of great sorrow was ending.
[169:26.87]Toruk Macto was no longerneeded.
[169:41.84]Well, I guess this is my last video log.
[169:47.56]'Cause whatever happens tonight, either way, I'm...
[169:52.40]I'm not gonna be coming back to this place.
[169:58.86]Well, I guess I'd better go.
[170:03.57]Yeah, I don't want to be late for my own party.
[170:09.95]Yeah, it's my birthday, after all.
[170:14.92]This is Jake Sully signing off.
[171:49.21]Walking through a dream
[171:52.43]I see you
[171:55.96]My light in darkness breathing hope of new life
[172:02.51]Now I live through you and you through me
[172:10.07]I pray in my heart that this dream never end
[172:18.14]I see me through your eyes
[172:26.77]Living through life flying high
[172:35.06]Your life shines the way into paradise
[172:42.07]So I offer my life
[172:45.77]I offer my love, for you
[172:51.46]When my heart was never open
[172:54.61]And my spirit never free
[172:57.75]To the world that you have shown me
[173:04.93]But my eyes could not division
[173:09.97]All the colours of love and of life ever more
[173:18.84]Evermore(I see me through your eyes)
[173:26.68]I see me through your eyes(Living through life flying high)
[173:33.16]Flying high
[173:36.75]Your love shines the way into paradise
[173:43.59]So I offer my life as a sacrifice
[173:50.67]And live through your love
[173:57.89]And live through your life
[174:12.09]I see you
[174:18.84]I see you
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