[00:48.67]Rachel, let me see. [00:57.22]- Can I see?|- Finders keepers. And I found it. [01:00.51]In my garden. [01:03.77]Finders keepers. [01:12.57]Bruce? [01:19.07]Bruce? [01:23.12]Mom! Mr. Alfred! [01:48.52]Did you have dream? [01:51.15]Nightmare. [01:57.40]Worse than this place? [02:20.89]They are going to fight you. [02:23.22]- Again?|- Until they kill you. [02:27.06]Can they kill me before breakfast? [02:31.23]You are in hell, little man. [02:37.36]And I am the devil. [02:43.53]You're not the devil. [02:45.16]You're practice. [03:30.00]Solitary. [03:31.46]- Why?|- For protection. [03:34.08]- I don't need protection.|- Protection for them. [03:40.09]Get in. [03:45.97]Are you so|desperate to fight criminals... [03:48.47]...that you lock yourself in|to take them on one at a time? [03:52.19]Actually, there were seven of them. [03:56.27]I counted six, Mr. Wayne. [04:02.32]How do you know my name? [04:03.74]The world is too small for someone|like Bruce Wayne to disappear... [04:06.99] matter how deep|he chooses to sink. [04:09.45]Who are you? [04:10.79]My name is merely Ducard,|but I speak for Ra's al Ghul... [04:14.12]...a man greatly feared|by the criminal underworld. [04:17.92]A man who can offer you a path. [04:20.42]What makes you think I need a path? [04:23.30]Someone like you|is only here by choice. [04:26.09]You have been exploring|the criminal fraternity... [04:28.64]...but whatever|your original intentions... [04:31.81] have become truly lost. [04:36.69]And what path can Ra's al Ghul offer? [04:40.65]The path of a man|who shares his hatred of evil... [04:44.82]...and wishes to serve true justice. [04:48.49]The path of the League of Shadows. [04:53.71]- You're vigilantes.|- No, no, no. [04:56.17]A vigilante is just a man lost in|the scramble for his own gratification. [05:00.50]He can be destroyed or locked up. [05:05.51]But if you make yourself more|than just a man... [05:10.51]...if you devote yourself to an ideal... [05:13.68]...and if they can't stop you... [05:16.56]...then you become|something else entirely. [05:20.69]Which is? [05:22.73]Legend, Mr. Wayne. [05:27.03]Tomorrow, you will be released. [05:28.82]If you are bored of brawling with thieves|and want to achieve something... [05:32.41]...there is a rare blue flower|that grows on the eastern slopes. [05:36.04]Pick one of these flowers. [05:37.87]If you can carry it|to the top of the mountain... [05:41.00] may find what you were|looking for in the first place. [05:44.09]And what was I looking for? [05:48.55]Only you can know that. [06:57.20]You turn back. You go back. [08:08.86]Ra's al Ghul? [08:21.12]Wait. [08:25.50]What are you seeking? [08:27.92]I seek... [08:31.46]...the means to fight injustice. [08:34.09]To turn fear... [08:36.55]...against those|who prey on the fearful. [09:01.08]To manipulate the fears in others... [09:05.00] must first master your own. [09:08.96]Are you ready to begin? [09:11.67]I can.... I can barely stand. [09:14.42]Death does not wait|for you to be ready! [09:16.93]Death is not considerate or fair! [09:20.60]And make no mistake,|here you face death. [09:29.11]Tiger. [09:32.07]Jujitsu. [09:36.07]Panther. [09:40.62]You're skilled. But this is not a dance. [09:48.42]And you are afraid. [09:52.92]But not of me. [09:58.26]Tell us, Mr. Wayne... [10:05.27]...what do you fear? [10:17.57]Bruce? [10:21.66]It's okay. It's okay. [10:24.33]You'll be okay. [10:26.08]Will we be needing|an ambulance, Master Wayne? [10:28.66]No, l'll set the bone|and take him for an x-ray later. [10:31.71]Very good, sir. [10:33.42]- l'm very sorry, sir. I've told --|- Don't worry. lt's fine. [10:39.43]Took quite a fall,|didn't we, Master Bruce? [10:41.89]And why do we fall? [10:43.22]So we can learn to pick ourselves up. [10:50.06]Just a little fall.|It's just a small fracture. [11:01.91]The bats again? [11:06.91]You know why they attacked you,|don't you? [11:09.54]- They were afraid of you.|- Afraid of me? [11:12.75]All creatures feel fear. [11:14.92]Even the scary ones? [11:16.42]Especially the scary ones. [11:18.67]I got something to show you. [11:24.76]- You think your mother will like them?|- Yeah. [11:28.77]- I think it's time to get up.|- Maybe. [11:31.10]No going back to bed. [11:35.94]Did you build this train, Dad? [11:38.23]Gotham's been good to our family,|but the city's been suffering. [11:43.11]People less fortunate than us|have been enduring very hard times. [11:46.78]So we built a new, cheap, public|transportation system to unite the city. [11:50.91]And at the center... [11:52.79]...Wayne Tower. [11:54.79]- ls that where you work?|- No, I work at the hospital. [11:57.80]I leave the running of our company|to much better men. [12:01.22]- Better?|- Well... [12:03.26]...more interested men. [13:01.86]Can we go? [13:05.70]Please. [13:07.78]Okay. Let's go. [13:19.04]- What's wrong, Bruce?|- No, no. It was me. [13:22.05]I just needed some fresh air. [13:24.38]A little bit of opera goes a long way.|Right, Bruce? [13:30.18]Come on. Let's go. [13:38.35]Wallets, jewelry. Come on, fast. [13:40.27]That's fine.|Fast. [13:41.90]Take it easy. [13:46.40]Here you go. [13:50.57]It's fine. It's fine. [13:54.33]Now just take it and go. [13:57.58]- I said, jewelry.|- Hey -- [14:01.59]Thomas! [14:10.80]Bruce. [14:15.06]It's okay. [14:19.60]Don't be afraid. [14:53.14]Is this your father's? [14:56.47]It's okay. [14:59.81]Come here. [15:04.15]There you go. [15:09.49]It's okay. [15:19.16]Gordon. [15:28.76]Hey. [15:30.97]Good news. [15:33.64]We got him, son. [15:56.20]You're in excellent hands. [15:58.20]We'll be watching the empire. [16:00.04]When you grow up,|it'll be waiting for you. [16:19.06]I thought I might prepare a little supper. [16:27.36]- Very well.|- Alfred? [16:33.40]- Yes, Master Bruce?|- lt was my fault, Alfred. [16:35.57]- I made them leave the theater.|- No. [16:37.41]- lf I hadn't gotten scared....|- lt was nothing that you did. [16:41.58]It was him, and him alone. [16:45.42]Do you understand? [16:50.05]I miss them, Alfred.|I miss them so much. [16:53.26]So do l, Master Bruce. [16:57.68]So do l. [17:01.06]And do you still feel|responsible for your parents' death? [17:04.23]My anger outweighs my guilt. [17:07.06]Come. [17:13.11]You have learned to bury|your guilt with anger. [17:15.99]I will teach you to confront it|and to face the truth. [17:21.54]You know how to fight six men.|We can teach you how to engage 600. [17:27.75]You know how to disappear. [17:29.79]We can teach you|to become truly invisible. [17:33.63]Invisible? [17:39.30]The ninja understands that invisibility|is a matter of patience and agility. [17:56.95]Always mind your surroundings. [18:01.83]Ninjitsu employs explosive powders. [18:05.54]- As weapons?|- Or distractions. [18:07.96]Theatricality and deception|are powerful agents. [18:10.75]You must become more than just a man|in the mind of your opponent. [18:16.26]- Who is he?|- He was a farmer. [18:18.34]Then he tried to take his neighbor's land|and became a murderer. [18:21.80]- Now he is a prisoner.|- What'll happen to him? [18:24.26]Justice. Crime cannot be tolerated. [18:26.85]Criminals thrive on the indulgence|of society's understanding. [18:34.86]Your parents' death was not your fault. [18:46.04]It was your father's. [19:08.18]Anger does not change the fact|that your father failed to act. [19:11.19]- The man had a gun.|- Would that stop you? [19:14.19]I've had training. [19:15.57]The training is nothing! [19:17.57]Will is everything! [19:24.99]The will to act. [19:36.63]Yield. [19:38.17]You haven't beaten me. [19:39.76]You have sacrificed sure footing|for a killing stroke. [19:50.10]Rub your chest. [19:52.39]Your arms will take care of themselves. [19:57.94]You are stronger than your father. [20:00.24]You didn't know my father. [20:02.03]But I know the rage that drives you. [20:04.45]That impossible anger|strangling the grief... [20:06.95]...until the memory|of your loved one is just... [20:09.79]...poison in your veins. [20:11.96]And one day, you catch yourself wishing|the person you loved had never existed... [20:17.79] you'd be spared your pain. [20:23.30]I wasn't always here in the mountains. [20:28.31]Once, I had a wife. [20:31.31]My great love. [20:34.39]She was taken from me. [20:36.69]Like you, I was forced to learn|there are those without decency... [20:40.07]...who must be fought|without hesitation, without pity. [20:45.16]Your anger gives you great power. [20:47.99]But if you let it, it will destroy you... [20:52.08] it almost did me. [20:54.00]- What stopped it?|- Vengeance. [20:57.17]That's no help to me. [20:59.17]Why, Bruce? [21:01.17]Why could you not|avenge your parents? [21:07.68]Will you be heading back to Princeton|after the hearing, sir... [21:11.31]...or can I persuade you to stay on|for a day or two? [21:14.14]I'm not heading back at all. [21:16.52]- You don't like it there?|- I like it fine. [21:18.98]They just don't feel the same way. [21:22.53]- l've prepared the master bedroom.|- No. [21:26.36]My room will be fine. [21:27.99]With all due respect, sir,|Wayne Manor is your house. [21:30.87]No, Alfred, it's my father's house. [21:32.87]- Your father is dead.|- This place is a mausoleum. [21:35.25]If I have my way, l'll pull|the damn thing down brick by brick. [21:38.46]This house, Master Wayne, has sheltered|six generations of your family. [21:42.71]Why do you give a damn, Alfred?|It's not your family. [21:46.26]I give a damn because a good man|once made me responsible... [21:50.80]...for what was most precious to him... [21:53.14] the whole world. [21:57.35]Miss Dawes has offered|to drive you to the hearing. [22:01.06]She probably hopes|to talk you out of going. [22:03.28]Should I just bury the past|out there with my parents, Alfred? [22:06.90]I wouldn't presume to tell you|what to do with your past, sir. [22:10.16]Just know that there are those of us who|care about what you do with your future. [22:15.58]Haven't given up on me yet? [22:17.75]Never. [23:07.80]Alfred still keeps the condensed milk|on the top shelf. [23:11.84]Hasn't he noticed|you're tall enough to reach now? [23:14.30]Old habits die hard, I guess. [23:15.97]- Never used to stop us anyway.|- No, it didn't. [23:18.60]How's your mom? [23:20.89]She misses this place. [23:24.65]So do l. [23:26.57]Yeah. [23:27.98]But it's nothing without the people|who made it what it was. [23:31.15]- Now there's only Alfred.|- And you. [23:34.32]- l'm not staying, Rachel.|- You're just back for the hearing. [23:41.50]Bruce, I don't suppose there's any way|to convince you not to come. [23:46.00]Someone at this proceeding... [23:50.17]...should stand for my parents. [23:52.51]We all loved your parents, Bruce. [23:54.80]- What Chill did is unforgivable.|- Then why is your boss letting him go? [23:59.39]In prison, he shared a cell|with Carmine Falcone. [24:02.81]He learned things, and he will testify|in exchange for early parole. [24:06.65]Rachel, this man killed my parents. [24:11.32]I cannot let that pass. [24:13.20]And I need you|to understand that, please. [24:17.83]Okay. [24:20.12]The depression hit working|people, like Mr. Chill, hardest of all. [24:23.62]His crime was appalling, yes,|but it was motivated not by greed... [24:27.17]...but by desperation. [24:29.00]Given the 14 years served, as well as|his extraordinary level of cooperation... [24:33.05]...with one of this office's|most important investigations... [24:35.89]...we strongly endorse his petition|for early release. [24:40.02]Mr. Chill? [24:45.90]Your Honor... [24:48.44]...not a day goes by that I don't wish|I could take back what I did. [24:54.20]Sure, I was desperate,|like a lot of people back then... [24:57.57]...but that don't change what I did. [25:03.58]I gather there is a member|of the Wayne family here today. [25:08.42]Has he got anything to say? [25:24.77]- He's coming out the side!|- He's coming out the side, guys! [25:37.95]Bruce Wayne! [25:42.08]Joe! Hey, Joe! [25:43.45]Falcone says hi. [25:55.30]Come on, Bruce. [25:57.26]We don't need to see this. [25:59.64]I do. [26:06.31]The DA couldn't understand|why Judge Faden insisted... [26:08.90]...on making the hearing public. [26:10.52]Falcone paid him off|to get Chill out in the open. [26:13.11]Maybe I should thank them. [26:14.53]- You don't mean that.|- What if I do, Rachel? [26:17.28]My parents deserved justice. [26:19.32]You're not talking about justice.|You're talking about revenge. [26:22.45]- Sometimes, they're the same.|- No, they're never the same. [26:25.50]Justice is about harmony. Revenge is|about you making yourself feel better. [26:29.25]- lt's why we have an impartial system.|- Your system is broken. [26:39.63]You care about justice?|Look beyond your own pain, Bruce. [26:42.85]This city is rotting. [26:44.51]They talk about the depression|as if it's history. lt's not. [26:47.48]Things are worse than ever here. [26:49.14]Falcone floods our streets|with crime and drugs... [26:51.86]...preying on the desperate,|creating new Joe Chills every day. [26:54.98]Falcone may not have killed|your parents, Bruce... [26:58.15]...but he's destroying everything|that they stood for. [27:05.20]You wanna thank him for that?|Here you go. [27:09.96]We all know where to find him.|As long as he keeps the bad people rich... [27:13.17]...and the good people scared,|no one'll touch him. [27:15.46]Good people like your parents, who'll|stand against injustice, they're gone. [27:19.88]What chance does Gotham have|when the good people do nothing? [27:24.47]- l'm not one of your good people, Rachel.|- What do you mean? [27:30.14]All these years, I wanted to kill him. [27:33.98]Now I can't. [27:51.41]Your father would be ashamed of you. [28:36.63]You're taller than you look|in the tabloids, Mr. Wayne. [28:39.59]No gun? l'm insulted. [28:44.63]- You could've just sent a thank-you note.|- I didn't come here to thank you. [28:48.60]I came to show you that|not everyone in Gotham's afraid of you. [28:51.47]Only those who know me, kid. [28:53.48]Look around you.|You'll see two councilmen... [28:56.31]...a union official,|couple off-duty cops... [28:59.57]...and a judge. [29:01.32]I wouldn't have a second's hesitation of|blowing your head off in front of them. [29:05.82]Now, that's power you can't buy. [29:09.16]That's the power of fear. [29:10.99]I'm not afraid of you. [29:12.45]Because you think you got|nothing to lose. [29:14.50]But you haven't thought it through. [29:16.33]You haven't thought about|your lady friend in the DA's office. [29:19.63]You haven't thought about|your old butler. Bang! [29:26.18]People from your world... [29:28.68]...have so much to lose. [29:31.22]Now, you think because your mommy|and your daddy got shot... [29:35.73] know about the ugly side of life,|but you don't. [29:38.86]You've never tasted desperate. [29:41.15]You're.... You're Bruce Wayne,|the prince of Gotham. [29:43.86]You'd have to go 1000 miles to meet|someone who didn't know your name. [29:47.45]So don't come here with your anger,|trying to prove something to yourself. [29:51.87]This is a world you'll never understand. [29:54.20]And you always fear... [29:56.37]...what you don't understand. [30:01.71]All right. [30:10.72]Yeah, you got spirit, kid.|I'll give you that. [30:13.72]More than your old man anyway. [30:15.89]In the joint, Chill told me about|the night he killed your parents. [30:20.36]He said your father begged for mercy. [30:23.90]Begged. [30:25.86]Like a dog. [30:40.08]Should've tipped better. [30:51.89]- For what?|- Your jacket. [30:54.26]Okay. [30:56.93]Hey, hey, hey. Let me have it.|It's a nice coat. [31:00.60]Be careful who sees you with that. [31:03.31]- They're gonna come looking for me.|- Who? [31:05.69]Everyone. [31:09.70]It's.... [31:11.61]It's a nice coat. [31:31.93]When you lived among|the criminals, did you start to pity them? [31:36.47]The first time I stole|so that I wouldn't starve, yes. [31:40.35]I lost many assumptions about|the simple nature of right and wrong. [31:47.11]And when I traveled... [31:49.36]...I learned the fear before a crime... [31:52.82]...and the thrill of success. [31:57.29]But I never became one of them. [32:02.00]Fool. What do I care|what your name is? You're a criminal. [32:05.29]I'm not a criminal [32:07.13]Tell that to the guy who owned these. [32:11.38]You've traveled the world|to understand the criminal mind... [32:14.68]...and conquer your fears. [32:18.01]But a criminal is not complicated. [32:22.35]And what you really fear|is inside yourself. [32:25.86]You fear your own power. [32:28.52]You fear your anger... [32:30.32]...the drive to do great|or terrible things. [32:34.70]Now you must journey inwards. [32:41.96]You are ready. [32:45.04]Breathe. [33:02.89]Breathe in your fears. [33:07.36]Face them. [33:09.90]To conquer fear,|you must become fear. [33:12.86]You must bask in the fear|of other men. [33:17.70]And men fear most|what they cannot see. [33:38.34]You have to become a terrible thought. [33:45.73]A wraith. [33:52.69]You have to become an idea! [34:01.95]Feel terror cloud your senses. [34:06.75]Feel its power to distort. [34:10.92]To control. [34:16.22]And know that this power|can be yours. [34:32.57]Embrace your worst fear. [34:42.24]Become one with the darkness. [35:04.35]Focus. [35:06.35]Concentrate. [35:08.68]Master your senses. [35:38.88]You cannot leave any sign. [35:41.72]I haven't. [35:51.23]Impressive. [36:02.32]We have purged your fear. [36:05.58]You are ready to lead these men. [36:07.37]You are ready to become a member|of the League of Shadows. [36:13.54]But first, you must demonstrate|your commitment to justice. [36:34.44]No. [36:37.27]I'm no executioner. [36:39.11]Your compassion is|a weakness your enemies will not share. [36:43.15]That's why it's so important. [36:45.70]It separates us from them. [36:47.62]You want to fight criminals.|This man is a murderer. [36:50.12]- This man should be tried.|- By whom? [36:52.25]Corrupt bureaucrats? [36:53.96]Criminals mock society's laws. [36:56.67]You know this better than most. [36:59.80]You cannot lead these men... [37:02.63]...unless you are prepared to do|what is necessary to defeat evil. [37:07.22]And where would I be leading|these men? [37:10.18]Gotham. [37:11.64]As Gotham's favored son... [37:13.81] will be ideally placed|to strike at the heart of criminality. [37:18.56]- How?|- Gotham's time has come. [37:22.49]Like Constantinople or Rome before it... [37:25.99]...the city has become a breeding ground|for suffering and injustice. [37:30.33]It is beyond saving|and must be allowed to die. [37:34.16]This is the most important function|of the League of Shadows. [37:39.63]It is one we've performed for centuries. [37:43.01]Gotham... [37:44.97]...must be destroyed. [37:51.18]You can't believe in this. [37:52.85]Ra's al Ghul rescued us from|the darkest corners of our own hearts. [37:57.60]What he asks in return is the courage|to do what is necessary. [38:02.23]I will go back to Gotham|and I will fight men like this... [38:05.74]...but I will not become an executioner. [38:08.49]Bruce, please. [38:10.20]For your own sake,|there is no turning back. [38:45.40]- What are you doing?|- What's necessary, my friend. [41:04.37]I will tell him you saved his life. [41:26.23]Master Wayne,|you've been gone a long time. [41:28.94]- Yes, I have.|- You look very fashionable. [41:32.74]Apart from the mud. [41:34.49]Are you coming back to Gotham|for long, sir? [41:37.32]As long as it takes. [41:38.74]I want to show the people... [41:40.41]...their city doesn't belong|to the criminals and the corrupt. [41:44.00]In the depression, your father nearly|bankrupted Wayne Enterprises... [41:47.37]...combating poverty. [41:48.75]He believed his example could inspire|the wealthy of Gotham to save their city. [41:53.59]Did it? [41:56.34]In a way. [41:57.97]Their murder shocked the wealthy|and the powerful into action. [42:03.06]People need dramatic examples|to shake them out of apathy. [42:06.27]I can't do that as Bruce Wayne. [42:08.10]As a man... [42:09.77]...l'm flesh and blood,|I can be ignored, destroyed. [42:12.40]But as a symbol.... [42:15.78]As a symbol, I can be incorruptible. [42:18.61]- I can be everlasting.|- What symbol? [42:21.78]Something elemental... [42:24.62]...something terrifying. [42:26.46]I assume that as you take on|the underworld... [42:28.75]...this symbol is a persona to protect|those you care about from reprisals? [42:34.05]You're thinking about Rachel? [42:35.59]Actually, sir, I was thinking of myself. [42:39.97]Have you told anyone l'm coming back? [42:41.93]I couldn't figure the legal ramifications|of bringing you back from the dead. [42:46.31]- Dead?|- You've been gone seven years. [42:48.31]You had me declared dead? [42:49.81]Actually, it was Mr. Earle.|He's taking the company public. [42:52.82]He wanted to liquidate|your majority shareholding. [42:55.32]Those shares are worth|quite a bit of money. [42:57.82]Well, it's a good thing|I left everything to you, then. [43:01.07]Quite so, sir. [43:02.83]And you can borrow the Rolls, if you like.|Just bring it back with a full tank. [43:16.67]In my opinion, Mr. Zsaz is as much|a danger to himself as to others... [43:21.76]...and prison is probably not the best|environment for his rehabilitation. [43:28.64]- Dr. Crane.|- Miss Dawes. [43:31.35]You think a man who butchers people|for the mob doesn't belong in jail? [43:34.86]I would hardly have testified to that|otherwise, would l? [43:37.69]This is the third of Falcone's thugs|you've had declared insane... [43:40.95]...and moved into your asylum. [43:42.57]The work offered by organized crime|must have an attraction to the insane. [43:48.70]Or the corrupt. [43:53.00]Mr. Finch. [43:54.88]You should check|with Miss Dawes here... [43:56.88]...just what implications your office|has authorized her to make. lf any. [44:05.22]- What are you doing?|- What are you doing, Carl? [44:07.72]Looking out for you. [44:11.60]Falcone has half the city|bought and paid for. [44:14.69]- Drop it.|- How can you say that? [44:16.90]Because as much as I care about|getting Falcone, I care more about you. [44:20.74]That's sweet. [44:27.49]We've been through all that. [44:55.94]Blessed bat again, sir. [44:57.86]They nest somewhere in the grounds. [46:58.14]No more favors.|Someone is sniffing around. [47:01.02]Hey, I scratch your back,|you scratch mine, doc. [47:04.15]I'm bringing in the shipments. [47:06.24]We are paying you for that. [47:07.57]Maybe money isn't as interesting|to me as favors. [47:12.57]I am more than aware that you are|not intimidated by me, Mr. Falcone. [47:17.58]But you know who l'm working for,|and when he gets here -- [47:20.83]He -- He's coming to Gotham? [47:22.92]Yes, he is. [47:24.55]And when he gets here,|he's not going to wanna hear... [47:27.17]...that you've endangered our operation|just to get your thugs out of jail time. [47:33.26]- Who's bothering you?|- There's a girl at the DA's office. [47:37.10]- We'll buy her off.|- Not this one. [47:40.02]Idealist, huh? [47:42.10]Well, there's an answer to that too. [47:44.19]- I don't want to know.|- Yes, you do. [47:51.32]No, we are showing|very healthy growth in these sectors. [47:54.95]I don't think Thomas Wayne would have|viewed heavy-arms manufacture... [47:58.29] a suitable cornerstone|for our business. [48:01.83]Well, that's 20 years ago, Fredericks. [48:05.96]I think after 20 years|we can allow ourselves... [48:09.30] stop thinking about what|Thomas Wayne would have done. [48:12.30]Good morning, Mr. Earle's office. [48:14.34]Yes, he's confirmed for|the dinner tomorrow evening. [48:17.81]Good morning.|I'm here to see Mr. Earle. [48:21.31]Name? [48:23.27]Bruce Wayne. [48:26.82]Thomas would probably not|have taken the company public. [48:30.49]But that is what we,|as responsible managers, are going to do. [48:35.28]Jessica? [48:37.91]Jessica? Where are you? [48:40.62]- Eye on the ball, and....|- Why is no one answering the phone? [48:45.50]It's Wayne Enterprises, Mr. Earle.|I'm sure they'll call back. [48:49.00]Bruce? You're supposed to be dead. [48:51.67]I'm sorry to disappoint. [48:53.84]- I need you to take a look at this.|- Have you seen him yet? [48:56.85]- Who?|- Wayne. [48:58.68]It's been all over the news.|He's back. [49:04.69]I'm sure you realize|I can't stop the big machine. [49:07.81]Too many wheels turning. [49:09.19]- We're going public.|- I understand. [49:11.69]And l'll be handsomely rewarded|for my shares. [49:14.70]I'm not looking to interfere. [49:17.70]- I am looking for a job.|- Oh? [49:19.99]I just want to get to know the company|that my family built. [49:23.37]Any ideas where you would start? [49:25.62]Applied Sciences caught my eye. [49:28.38]Fox's department. [49:30.21]I'll let him know you're coming. [49:33.17]You look like him. Your dad. [49:36.72]You're the only one left|of the Wayne family. [49:39.55]This is where you belong.|Welcome home. [49:44.10]Environmental procedures,|defense projects, consumer products. [49:48.86]All prototypes. None in production. [49:51.73]- On any level whatsoever.|- None? [49:55.40]What did they tell you this place was? [49:57.41]They didn't tell me anything. [50:01.91]Earle told me exactly what it was|when he sent me down here. [50:05.83]Dead end. [50:07.46]Place to keep me from causing|the board any more trouble. [50:11.75]Come on. [50:13.42]- You were on the board?|- When your father ran things. [50:16.05]- You knew my father?|- Oh, yeah. [50:18.09]Helped him build his train. [50:20.35]Here we are. [50:25.60]Kevlar utility harness. [50:27.60]Gas-powered, magnetic grapple gun. [50:29.77]The 350-pound test monofilament. [50:35.44]Wonderful project, your dad's train. [50:38.11]Routed it right into Wayne Tower,|along with the water and power utilities. [50:42.91]Kind of made Wayne Tower|the unofficial center of Gotham City. [50:46.29]Of course, Earle let it go to rot.|Here we are. [50:50.79]Nomex survival suit|for advanced infantry. [50:53.13]Kevlar biweave, reinforced joints. [50:56.26]- Tear- resistant?|- This sucker will stop a knife. [50:58.80]- Bulletproof?|- Anything but a straight shot. [51:01.14]- Why didn't they put it into production?|- Bean counters didn't think... [51:04.22]...a soldier's life was worth 300 grand. [51:07.64]So, what's your interest in it,|Mr. Wayne? [51:11.81]I want to borrow it. [51:13.48]For spelunking. [51:16.15]Spelunking? [51:17.61]Yeah, you know, cave diving? [51:20.61]You expecting to run into|much gunfire in these caves? [51:25.62]Look, l'd rather Mr. Earle|didn't know about me borrowing -- [51:29.04]Mr. Wayne... [51:30.50]...the way I see it... [51:32.83]...all this stuff is yours anyway. [51:38.30]Okay. Give it a try. [51:44.93]Charming. [51:49.02]At least you'll have company. [51:52.69]This must be the lowest foundation|of the southeast wing. [52:09.16]Your great-great-grandfather was|involved in the Underground Railroad... [52:13.50]...secretly transporting freed slaves|to the North... [52:16.67]...and I suspect these caverns|came in handy. [52:33.06]Alfred! Come up here! [52:35.40]I can see everything all right|from down here, sir, thank you. [52:58.42]We order the main part|of this cowl from Singapore. [53:01.26]Via a dummy corporation. [53:02.92]Indeed. And then, quite separately... [53:04.93]...we place an order|to a Chinese company for these. [53:10.43]- Put it together ourselves.|- Precisely. [53:13.56]They'll have to be large orders,|to avoid suspicion. [53:17.77]- How large?|- Say 10,000. [53:22.78]- Well, at least we'll have spares.|- Yes. [53:42.80]Don't suppose you want a taste. [53:45.09]I just keep offering,|thinking maybe someday you'll get wise. [53:48.43]There's nothing wise|in what you do, Flass. [53:50.76]Well, Jimbo, you don't take the taste,|makes us guys nervous. [53:54.31]I'm no rat. [53:58.90]In a town this bent,|who's there to rat to anyway? [54:32.31]Don't turn around. [54:35.02]You're a good cop.|One of the few. [54:38.77]What do you want? [54:40.02]Carmine Falcone brings|in shipments of drugs every week. [54:43.36]Nobody takes him down. Why? [54:46.61]He's paid up with the right people. [54:49.03]What will it take to bring him down? [54:52.53]Leverage on Judge Faden... [54:55.66]...and a DA brave enough|to prosecute. [54:58.46]Rachel Dawes. [55:00.67]Who are you? [55:02.21]Watch for my sign. [55:06.51]You're just one man? [55:08.97]Now we're two. [55:12.51]We? [55:29.74]Freeze! [55:48.67]What the hell was that? [55:53.51]Just some nut. [55:58.10]Well, what is it today?|More spelunking? [56:01.10]No. Today it's BASE-jumping. [56:04.19]BASE-jumping. [56:06.40]- That like parachuting?|- Kind of. [56:10.11]Do you have any lightweight fabrics? [56:13.11]You know, I think I have just the thing. [56:17.12]It's called memory cloth.|Notice anything? [56:22.92]Regularly flexible... [56:25.21]...but put a current through it... [56:28.80]...molecules realign, it becomes rigid.|- What kind of shapes can you make? [56:32.63]Can be tailored to fit any structure|based on a rigid skeleton. [56:35.97]Too expensive for the Army? [56:37.35]I don't think they tried to market it|to the billionaire, BASE-jumping crowd. [56:42.27]- Look, Mr. Fox.|- Yes, sir? [56:44.73]If you're uncomfortable -- [56:46.27]Mr. Wayne, if you don't want to tell me|exactly what you're doing... [56:49.65]...when I'm asked, I don't have to lie. [56:53.32]But don't think of me as an idiot. [56:57.45]Fair enough. [57:01.33]What's that? [57:05.25]The Tumbler? [57:07.67]Oh, you wouldn't be interested in that. [57:15.64]She was built as a bridging vehicle. [57:19.51]During combat, two of these|would jump over a river, towing cables. [57:26.52]Over here on the throttle,|flip that open and throttle up. [57:30.36]This will boost you into a rampless jump --|Not now! [57:35.70]Not -- Not now, sir. [57:40.70]Afterburner disengaged. [57:42.95]We never could get|the damn bridge to work... [57:46.17]...but this baby works just fine. [57:57.43]So, what do you think? [57:59.93]Does it come in black? [58:02.56]I need you at the docks Thursday. [58:05.19]- Problems?|- I don't want any trouble... [58:07.23]...with the last shipment.|-Sure. [58:10.94]Word on the street is you got a beef|with somebody in the DA's office. [58:14.74]- ls that right?|- And that there's a fat prize... [58:17.36]...waiting for anybody willing|to do anything about it. [58:20.24]So, what's your point, Mr. Flass? [58:22.66]Have you seen the girl? [58:24.41]It's a cute little assistant DA. [58:27.25]Don't you think that's a little too much|heat to bring down, maybe? [58:31.09]- Even for this town.|- Never underestimate Gotham City. [58:34.59]People get mugged coming home|from work every day of the week. [58:37.59]Sometimes --|Sometimes things just go bad. [58:44.10]It's a problem with the graphite, sir. [58:46.10]The next 10,000|will be up to specifications. [58:48.94]- At least they gave us a discount.|- Quite. [58:51.69]In the meantime, sir, may I suggest|you try to avoid landing on your head? [59:34.32]Why bats, Master Wayne? [59:36.61]Bats frighten me. [59:39.15]It's time my enemies shared my dread. [60:08.14]What is this? [60:13.86]Continue. [60:20.70]Looks fine out there. [60:22.78]The bears go straight to the dealers. [60:24.87]Yeah, and the rabbits go|to the man in the Narrows. [60:27.70]- What's the difference?|- lgnorance is bliss, my friend. [60:30.87]Don't burden yourself|with the secrets of scary people. [60:49.89]Hey. Steiss. [61:14.21]Steiss? [61:27.60]What? [61:29.93]What the...? [61:40.44]I better check it. [61:54.79]There's a problem out here.|You better bail. [62:26.15]Where are you?! [62:27.66]Here. [62:50.01]Take a ride. Oh, shit. [63:11.53]What the hell are you? [63:16.70]I'm Batman. [63:26.21]Nice coat. [63:29.88]Thanks. [64:12.43]Hold it. [64:15.85]That's right, you better run. [64:27.28]Falcone sent them to kill you. [64:30.24]- Why?|- You rattled his cage. [64:36.62]- What's this?|- Leverage. [64:38.33]- For what?|- To get things moving. [64:40.25]Who are you? [64:42.62]Someone like you. [64:44.04]Someone who'll rattle the cages. [64:51.13]Ma'am? Everything okay? [64:58.97]- Falcone's men?|- Does it matter? [65:01.64]We'll never tie him to it anyway. [65:04.15]I wouldn't be too sure of that. [65:19.33]What the hell is that? [65:30.76]Cut him down. [65:54.61]Unacceptable. [65:56.03]Now, I don't care if it's rival gangs,|Guardian Angels... [65:59.03]...or the goddamn Salvation Army... [66:01.20]...get them off the street|and off the front page. [66:03.70]They say it was just one guy.|Or a creature. [66:06.50]It was some asshole in a costume. [66:09.71]- Yeah?|- This guy did deliver us... [66:11.55] of the city's biggest crime lords. [66:14.51]No one takes the law|into their own hands in my city. [66:18.18]Understand? [66:19.55]- No way to bury it now.|- There's still Judge Faden. [66:22.56]- l've got Faden covered.|- What about this bat they babble about? [66:25.69]Even if these guys will swear|to being thrashed by a giant bat... [66:28.85]...we've got Falcone at the scene. [66:31.19]Drugs, prints, cargo manifests.|This bat character gave us everything. [66:34.82]Okay. Let's do it. [66:39.74]- Bats are nocturnal.|- Bats may be. [66:42.08]But even for billionaire playboys,|3:00 is pushing it. [66:46.54]The price for leading a double life,|I fear. [66:50.75]Your theatrics made an impression. [66:54.55]Theatricality and deception... [66:57.76]...are powerful weapons, Alfred.|This is a good start. [67:01.10]If those are to be the first|of many injuries to come... [67:04.10] would be wise|to find a suitable excuse. [67:07.27]Polo, for instance. [67:08.77]I'm not learning polo, Alfred. [67:10.69]Strange injuries,|a nonexistent social life. [67:14.53]These things beg the question... [67:16.11] to what exactly does Bruce Wayne|do with his time and his money. [67:20.57]What does someone like me do? [67:23.12]Drive sports cars, date movie stars. [67:28.00]Buy things that are not for sale. [67:29.75]Who knows, Master Wayne,|you start pretending to have fun... [67:33.92] might even have a little|by accident. [67:38.63]Sir. [67:40.26]- We have a situation.|- All right. [67:42.97]The Coast Guard picked up|one of our cargo ships last night... [67:47.31]...heavily damaged, all crew missing,|probably dead. [67:54.15]The ship was carrying|a prototype weapon. [67:56.78]It's a microwave emitter. [67:58.74]It's designed for desert warfare, but it -- [68:03.32]It looks like somebody... [68:09.33]...turned it on. [68:15.00]It uses focused microwaves to|vaporize the enemy's water supply. [68:27.35]The damage to the ship|was catastrophic. [68:30.52]The weapon itself is.... [68:34.81]Missing? [68:37.15]Yeah. [68:39.69]Mr. Wayne. [68:45.37]Nice car. [68:46.99]You should see my other one. [68:58.17]He's done something|the police never have. [69:00.51]You can't take the law|into your own hands. [69:02.97]Well, at least he's getting|something done. [69:05.72]Bruce, help me out here.|- Huh? [69:08.22]Well, a guy who dresses up|like a bat clearly has issues. [69:13.60]But he's put Falcone behind bars. [69:15.98]Now the cops want him.|What does that tell you? [69:18.52]They're jealous. [69:19.90]Sir, the pool is for decoration... [69:22.74]...and your friends|do not have swimwear. [69:27.91]Well, they're European. [69:31.75]I'm going to have to ask you to leave. [69:35.04]- lt is not a question of money.|- Well, you see... [69:39.09]...l'm buying this hotel... [69:42.67]...and setting some new rules|about the pool area. [69:48.26]I think the Batman deserves a medal. [69:50.76]And a straitjacket to pin it on. [69:59.44]Thank you. [70:02.78]Bruce? [70:07.70]Rachel? [70:09.66]I'd heard you were back. [70:13.12]What are you doing? [70:15.37]Just swimming here.|Wow, it is good to see you. [70:19.96]You were gone a long time. [70:22.09]- I know. How are things?|- The same. [70:26.93]Job's getting worse. [70:28.76]Can't change the world on your own. [70:31.64]What choice do I have... [70:34.39]...when you're too busy swimming? [70:37.48]Rachel, all of -- [70:39.81]All this.... [70:42.90]It's -- It's not me. lt's.... [70:47.32]Inside, I am.... [70:51.20]I am more. [70:53.83]Come on, Bruce. Come on. [70:55.50]Bruce, we have|some more hotels for you to buy. [71:00.33]Bruce... [71:03.00]...deep down you may still be|that same great kid you used to be. [71:08.93]But it's not who you are underneath... [71:11.97]'s what you do that defines you. [71:26.28]Dr. Crane, thanks for coming. [71:28.03]Not at all. He cut his wrists? [71:31.03]Probably looking for the insanity plea.|But if anything should happen.... [71:34.87]Of course, better safe than sorry. [71:41.29]Yeah, Dr. Crane, I can't take it anymore.|It's all too much. [71:45.05]The walls are closing in.|Blah, blah, blah. [71:48.05]A couple of days of this food,|it'll be true. [71:51.55]- What do you want?|- I wanna know... [71:53.39] you're gonna convince me|to keep my mouth shut. [71:56.06]About what?|You don't know anything. [71:58.39]I know you don't want the cops to take|a closer look at the drugs they seized. [72:02.73]And I know about your experiments|with the inmates of your nut house. [72:07.07]See, I don't go into business with a guy|without finding out his dirty secrets. [72:11.32]And those goons you used. [72:14.41]I own the muscle in this town. [72:16.41]Now, l've been bringing|your stuff in for months... [72:20.33] whatever he's planning,|it's big, and I want in. [72:25.84]Well, I already know what he'll say. [72:29.38]That we should kill you. [72:32.59]Even he can't get me in here.|Not in my town. [72:41.89]Would you like to see my mask? [72:44.94]I use it in my experiments. [72:48.94]Now, l'm probably not very frightening|to a guy like you. [72:53.78]But these crazies, they can't stand it. [72:57.41]So when did the nut|take over the nut house? [73:01.58]They scream and they cry... [73:04.12]...much as you're doing now. [73:08.09]Well, he's not faking. Not that one. [73:11.47]I'll talk to the judge|and see if I can get him moved... [73:14.13] the secure wing at Arkham.|I can't treat him here. [73:39.62]Storm's coming. [73:45.67]The scum is getting jumpy|because you stood up to Falcone. [73:48.88]It's a start. Your partner|was at the docks with Falcone. [73:52.59]Well, he moonlights|as a low-level enforcer. [73:55.68]They were splitting the shipment in two.|Only half went to the dealers. [73:59.64]Why? What about the other half? [74:02.02]- Flass knows.|- He won't talk. [74:05.02]He'll talk to me. [74:06.81]Commissioner Loeb set up|a massive task force to catch you. [74:10.32]- He thinks you're dangerous.|- What do you think? [74:14.61]I think you're trying to help. [74:22.04]But l've been wrong before. [74:30.17]Come on, I ain't got all night. [74:35.22]Flass, I have kids to feed. [74:37.51]What, they don't like falafel? [74:55.07]Where were the other drugs going? [74:58.07]I never knew. I don't know. [75:00.41]- I swear to God.|- Swear to me! [75:08.25]I don't -- I don't know.|I never knew. Never. [75:11.54]They went to some guy for a couple days|before they went to the dealers. [75:15.17]Why? [75:17.09]There was something --|Something else in the drugs... [75:20.89]..something hidden.|- What? [75:22.60]I never went to the drop-off point.|It was in the Narrows. [75:26.10]- Cops only go there in force.|- Do I look like a cop? [75:29.60]No --! [75:44.99]This is the one l'm talking about. [75:47.29]- What's your problem with it?|- lt shouldn't exist. [75:49.79]This ship left Singapore with|246 containers, but arrived with 247. [75:53.79]I'm guessing there's something|I'm not supposed to find in there. [75:56.38]Listen, counselor, we don't wanna|know what's in Mr. Falcone's crate. [75:59.93]Things are working a little|differently now. Open it up. [76:12.52]What the hell is this? [76:56.69]It's you, isn't it?|Everybody's been talking about you. [77:00.44]Get in here! [77:02.82]The other kids won't believe me. [77:28.06]Get rid of all traces. [77:30.47]- Better torch the whole place.|- All right. [78:09.43]Having trouble? [78:11.93]Take a seat. Have a drink. [78:14.94]You look like a man|who takes himself too seriously. [78:21.94]Do you want my opinion?|You need to lighten up. [79:16.91]Alfred, help me. [79:30.51]Blood. Take. Take poison. Blood poison. [79:34.01]Poisonous. Poisonous. [79:41.35]Bruce... [79:44.36]...why do we fall? [79:57.54]- How long was I out?|- Two days. [80:01.25]It's your birthday. [80:04.38]Many happy returns. [80:10.88]I've felt these effects before,|but this was so much more potent. [80:14.89]It was some kind of hallucinogen,|weaponized, in aerosol form. [80:19.64]You have been hanging out|in the wrong clubs, Mr. Wayne. [80:22.77]I called Mr. Fox when your condition|worsened after the first day. [80:26.02]I analyzed your blood... [80:27.57]...isolating the receptor compounds|and the protein-based catalyst. [80:31.24]Am I meant to understand any of that? [80:33.41]Not at all. I just wanted you to know|how hard it was. [80:37.16]- Bottom line, I synthesized an antidote.|- Could you make more? [80:41.04]You planning on gassing yourself|again, Mr. Wayne? [80:43.79]Well, you know how it is.|You're out at night, looking for kicks... [80:47.17]...someone's passing around|the weaponized hallucinogens.... [80:50.09]I'll bring what I have.|The antidote should inoculate you for now. [80:53.72]Alfred, always a pleasure. [80:56.26]Lucius. [81:02.44]- You sure you don't want to come in?|- I have to get back. [81:05.27]- I wanted to leave this.|- Thank you. [81:07.11]Rachel? [81:09.90]Looks like someone's been|burning the candle at both ends. [81:13.28]- Must've been quite an occasion.|- lt is my birthday. [81:16.12]I know. I'm sorry I can't come tonight.|I was just dropping off your present. [81:19.95]- You've got better plans?|- My boss has been missing for days... [81:23.54]...which means I should|probably start by looking... [81:26.04] the bottom of the river.|- Rachel. [81:29.21]Excuse me. [81:31.88]Rachel Dawes. [81:33.72]Who authorized that? Get Crane down|there now. Don't take no for an answer. [81:37.47]Call Dr. Lehmann, tell him we need our|own assessment to the judge by morning. [81:41.81]- What's wrong?|- lt's Falcone. [81:43.81]Dr. Crane moved him to Arkham Asylum|on suicide watch. [81:46.48]You're going to Arkham now?|It's in the Narrows, Rachel. [81:50.73]You enjoy your party, Bruce. [81:52.74]- Some of us have work to do.|- You be careful. [81:57.24]Happy birthday. [82:18.18]But, Master Wayne,|the guests will be arriving. [82:20.51]Keep them happy until I arrive. [82:22.31]Tell them that joke you know. [83:03.35]Having fun? [83:07.19]Bill? Now, what's a big shot like you|doing in a place like this? [83:10.94]I need some information. [83:12.40]The Wayne Enterprise 47-B, 1-ME. [83:18.49]1-ME. [83:20.16]It's a microwave emitter. lt was designed|to vaporize an enemy's water supply. [83:24.08]Rumor was they tested dispersing|water-based chemicals into the air... [83:28.46]...but isn't that illegal? [83:32.09]I want all the information|on the development of this project... [83:36.55]...all data, files, backup disks,|on my desk right away. [83:40.93]Did you lose one? [83:43.60]I'm merging your department|with Archives. [83:48.48]And I am firing you. [83:51.90]Didn't you get the memo? [84:01.11]Scarecrow. [84:06.08]Scarecrow. [84:15.63]Miss Dawes, this is most irregular. [84:18.01]I have nothing to add|to the report I filed with the judge. [84:21.09]- I have questions about your report.|- Such as? [84:23.51]Isn't it convenient for a 52-year-old man|who has no history of mental illness... [84:27.97] have a psychotic breakdown|just when he's about to be indicted? [84:31.77]As you can see for yourself, there is|nothing convenient about his symptoms. [84:40.65]- Scarecrow.|- What's "scarecrow"? [84:42.53]Patients suffering delusional episodes|often focus their paranoia... [84:46.33]...on an external tormentor... [84:48.62]...usually one conforming|to Jungian archetypes. [84:52.04]In this case, a scarecrow. [84:55.92]- He's drugged?|- Psychopharmacology is my primary field. [85:00.17]I'm a strong advocate. [85:02.51]Outside, he was a giant. [85:04.84]In here, only the mind|can grant you power. [85:07.51]You enjoy the reversal. [85:09.43]I respect the mind's power|over the body. [85:12.60]It's why I do what I do. [85:14.31]I do what I do to keep thugs like Falcone|behind bars, not in therapy. [85:19.36]I want my own psychiatric consultant|to have full access to Falcone... [85:22.86]...including blood work.|Find out what exactly you put him on. [85:26.37]- First thing tomorrow, then.|- Tonight. [85:29.04]I've already paged Dr. Lehmann|at County General. [85:33.87]As you wish. [85:41.21]This way, please. [85:43.34]There's something|I think you should see. [85:56.86]This is where we make the medicine. [86:06.24]Perhaps you should have some,|clear your head. [86:35.44]Who knows you're here? [86:38.10]Who knows? [86:46.95]He's here. [86:48.36]Who? [86:49.78]The Batman. [86:53.54]- What do we do?|- What anyone does... [86:55.62]...when a prowler comes around. [86:59.29]- Call the police.|- You want the cops here? [87:02.46]At this point, they can't stop us. [87:05.42]But the Batman|has a talent for disruption. [87:09.14]Force him outside,|the police will take him down. Go. [87:12.39]- What about her?|- She hasn't got long. [87:14.81]I gave her a concentrated dose. [87:16.94]The mind can only take so much.|Now go. [87:21.98]The things they say about him. [87:24.48]Can he really fly? [87:26.19]I heard he can disappear. [87:28.45]Well, we'll find out. [87:31.74]Won't we? [88:20.71]Taste of your own medicine, doctor? [88:29.51]What have you been doing here? [88:34.47]Who are you working for? [88:41.31]Ra's -- Ra's al Ghul. [88:43.86]Ra's al Ghul is dead.|Who are you working for? [88:48.90]Crane. [88:52.41]Dr. Crane isn't here right now. [88:55.91]But if you'd like to make|an appointment.... [89:10.84]Batman, put down your|weapons and surrender. [89:14.43]You're surrounded. [89:21.43]- What are you waiting for?|- Backup. [89:24.94]- Backup?|- The Batman's in there. [89:27.52]SWAT's on the way.|But if you wanna go in now... [89:29.86]...l'll be right behind you, sir. [89:32.90]SWAT's on the way. [89:35.53]- Hey.|- Hey. [90:19.33]What's happened to her? [90:23.66]Crane poisoned her with a psychotropic|hallucinogen, a panic-inducing toxin. [90:29.50]- Let me get her down to the medics.|- They can't help her, but I can. [90:37.18]Get her downstairs.|Meet me in the alley. [90:47.31]Crane's been smuggling his toxin|hidden in Falcone's drugs... [90:50.36]...and they're dumping it|into the water supply. [90:53.03]- What was he planning?|- I don't know. [90:54.90]Was he working for Falcone? [90:56.70]He mentioned someone else,|someone worse. [90:59.41]She needs the antidote|before the damage is permanent. [91:02.16]- How long does she have?|- Not long. [91:08.21]What is that? [91:11.42]- Backup.|- What the --? [92:31.92]Excuse me. [92:38.21]- How is she?|- She's fading. We gotta go. [92:43.30]I'll get my car. [92:44.93]I brought mine. [92:47.14]Yours? [92:58.11]I've gotta get me one of those. [93:00.44]He is in a vehicle. [93:01.95]Make and color? [93:03.61]It's a black... [93:07.16]...tank. [93:11.12]Stay calm. [93:13.17]You've been poisoned. [93:17.67]I'm on him. [93:27.35]Breathe slowly. [93:38.57]Hold on. [93:54.17]- What are you doing?|- Shortcut. [94:03.63]Air One to ground, block that ramp. [94:10.39]He's got no way off that roof. [94:13.39]Turn off your engine.|Step away from the car. [94:18.86]- Trust me.|Weapons system activated. [94:39.54]Who is this guy? [94:40.75]Where's he going? [94:42.42]He's on the roof. [94:57.27]- What street is he taking?|- He's not on a street. [95:00.11]He's flying on rooftops. [95:40.60]At least tell me what it looks like. [95:45.82]Never mind. [95:51.20]Got him. [96:03.46]Coming right up on his butt. [96:29.74]- We're tracking suspect|vehicle heading west on l-17. [96:37.45]- Air One to ground.|- I lost him. [96:39.33]We've lost visual. Exit 9 is blocked. [96:41.54]We'll loop back to check|the frontage road. [96:43.67]Stealth mode activated. [96:46.30]Stay with me. [96:53.72]What --? There he is. [97:14.91]Just hold on. [97:20.33]Rachel! [97:53.61]They get any of this into the mains? [97:55.95]Yeah. [97:57.12]Notify the water company.|There's gotta be a way to isolate it. [98:00.12]No. They put it all in.|They must've been at this for weeks. [98:02.96]- Gotham's entire water supply is laced.|- Why haven't we felt the effects? [98:06.63]Must be a compound that|has to be absorbed through the lungs. [98:19.14]How do you feel? [98:23.64]Where are we? [98:25.64]- Why did you bring me here?|- lf I hadn't, your mind would be lost. [98:29.61]- You were poisoned.|- lt was -- [98:31.82]- lt was Dr. Crane.|- Rest. Gordon has Crane. [98:35.61]Is Sergeant Gordon your friend? [98:38.57]I don't have the luxury of friends. [98:41.12]I'm gonna give you a sedative.|You'll wake up back at home. [98:44.62]When you do, get these to Gordon,|and Gordon alone. Trust no one. [98:48.75]- What are they?|- The antidote. [98:50.67]One for Gordon to inoculate himself,|the other for mass production. [98:54.38]Mass production? [98:55.84]Crane was just a pawn.|We need to be ready. [99:24.95]When you told me your grand plan|for saving Gotham... [99:28.54]...all that stopped me|from calling the men in white coats... [99:31.63]...was when you said|it wasn't about thrill-seeking. [99:34.30]- lt's not.|- What would you call that? [99:39.18]- Damn good television.|- lt's a miracle no one was killed. [99:42.05]I didn't have time to observe|the rules of the road, Alfred. [99:45.89]You're getting lost inside|this monster of yours. [99:49.19]I'm using this monster to help|other people, just like my father did. [99:53.73]For Thomas Wayne, helping others... [99:55.53]...wasn't about proving anything|to anyone, including himself. [99:58.90]It's Rachel, Alfred. She was dying. [100:02.70]She's downstairs, sedated.|I need you to take her home. [100:05.58]Well, we both care for Rachel, but what|you're doing has to be beyond that. [100:09.54]It can't be personal,|or you're just a vigilante. [100:12.58]- ls Fox still here?|- Yes, sir. [100:14.67]We need to send these people away. [100:16.51]Those are Bruce Wayne's guests.|You have a name to maintain. [100:19.59]I don't care about my name. [100:21.59]It's not just your name, sir.|It's your father's name. [100:26.56]And it's all that's left of him. [100:30.85]Don't destroy it. [100:47.75]- Mr. Earle.|- Happy birthday, Bruce. [100:50.08]Thank you. [100:51.79]How did the stock offering go? [100:54.08]Prices soared. [100:55.46]Who was buying? [100:56.88]All kinds of funds and brokerages. [100:58.96]It's a bit technical. [101:00.80]The key thing is... [101:02.72]...our company's future is secure. [101:06.56]Great. [101:21.32]A little the worse for wear, l'm afraid. [101:29.33]What was the plan, Crane? [101:31.29]How were you gonna get|your toxin into the air? [101:33.92]Scarecrow. Scarecrow. [101:37.34]Who were you working for, Crane? [101:41.30]Oh, it's too late. [101:44.09]You can't stop it now. [101:51.27]Here. [101:52.98]- Happy birthday, Bruce.|- Thank you. Thanks. [101:55.19]And thank you for that item. [101:59.57]You're welcome. [102:00.98]- I know you'll put it to good use.|- I already have. [102:04.03]How long would it take|to manufacture on a large scale? [102:08.37]Weeks. Why? [102:09.70]Somebody's planning to disperse|the toxin using the water supply. [102:13.87]The water supply won't help you|disperse an inhalant. [102:17.88]What? [102:19.46]Unless you have a microwave emitter|powerful enough... [102:22.17] vaporize all the water|in the mains. [102:25.47]A microwave emitter like the one|Wayne Enterprises just misplaced. [102:29.18]Misplaced? [102:30.56]Earle just fired me for asking|too many questions about it. [102:36.06]Go back to Wayne Enterprises now|and start making more of that antidote. [102:39.73]The police are gonna need as much|as they can get their hands on. [102:43.03]My security clearance|has been revoked. [102:45.24]That wouldn't stop a man like you,|would it? [102:47.70]I suppose not. [102:51.41]- Bruce, there's somebody you must meet.|- Not now, Mrs. Delane. [102:56.25]Now, am I pronouncing this right... [102:59.33]...Mr. Ra's al Ghul? [103:07.43]You're not Ra's al Ghul. [103:10.76]I watched him die. [103:12.22]But is Ra's al Ghul immortal? [103:18.02]Are his methods supernatural? [103:25.03]Or cheap parlor tricks to conceal|your true identity, Ra's? [103:31.28]Surely a man who spends his nights|scrambling over the rooftops of Gotham... [103:35.95]...wouldn't begrudge me dual identities. [103:38.79]I saved your life. [103:40.79]I warned you about compassion, Bruce. [103:46.47]Your quarrel is with me. [103:49.55]You let these people go. [103:52.30]You are welcome to explain|the situation to them. [103:57.81]Everyone. [104:00.27]Everybody? [104:04.73]I.... [104:07.07]I want to thank you all for coming here|tonight and drinking all of my booze. [104:13.41]No, really. [104:16.16]There's a thing about being a Wayne... [104:19.08]...that you're never short of|a few freeloaders, like yourselves... [104:22.83] fill up your mansion with.|So here's to you people. Thank you. [104:26.67]- That's enough, Bruce.|- l'm not finished. [104:29.63]To all of you.... [104:31.51]All of you phonies,|all of you two-faced friends... [104:36.01] sycophantic suck-ups|who smile through your teeth at me... [104:41.31]...please, leave me in peace. [104:45.02]Please go. [104:48.03]Stop smiling, it's not a joke.|Please leave. [104:51.61]The party's over, get out. [104:53.99]The apple has fallen very far|from the tree, Mr. Wayne. [105:02.04]He's turning into a jerk. [105:10.67]Amusing. [105:12.72]But pointless.|None of these people have long to live. [105:16.35]Your antics at the asylum|have forced my hand. [105:20.02]So Crane was working for you. [105:22.35]His toxin is derived from the organic|compound found in our blue flowers. [105:26.52]He was able to weaponize it. [105:28.73]He's not a member of|the League of Shadows? [105:30.90]Of course not. He thought our plan|was to hold the city to ransom. [105:36.16]But really, you are gonna release|Crane's poison on the entire city. [105:40.87]Then watch Gotham tear itself apart|through fear. [105:57.55]You're gonna destroy millions of lives. [105:59.89]Only a cynical man would call|what these people have "lives," Wayne. [106:03.52]Crime. Despair. [106:05.40]This is not how man|was supposed to live. [106:08.11]The League of Shadows has been|a check against human corruption... [106:11.44]...for thousands of years. [106:13.11]We sacked Rome.|Loaded trade ships with plague rats. [106:16.87]Burned London to the ground. [106:18.45]Every time a civilization reaches|the pinnacle of its decadence... [106:21.45]...we return to restore the balance. [106:23.58]Gotham isn't beyond saving. [106:26.46]Give me more time.|There are good people here. [106:29.34]You're defending a city so corrupt... [106:31.34]...we have infiltrated|every level of its infrastructure. [106:45.60]Time to play. [106:51.15]When I found you in that jail,|you were lost. [106:53.99]But I believed in you. [106:56.28]I took away your fear,|and I showed you a path. [107:00.28]You were my greatest student. [107:02.83]It should be you standing by my side,|saving the world. [107:06.79]I'll be standing where I belong. [107:10.00]Between you|and the people of Gotham. [107:14.84]No one can save Gotham. [107:20.80]When a forest grows too wild,|a purging fire is inevitable and natural. [107:26.69]Tomorrow the world will watch in horror|as its greatest city destroys itself. [107:31.90]The movement back to harmony|will be unstoppable this time. [107:35.44]- You attacked Gotham before?|- Of course. [107:37.86]Over the ages our weapons|have grown more sophisticated. [107:40.70]With Gotham we tried a new one.|Economics. [107:43.99]But we underestimated certain|of Gotham's citizens... [107:49.12]...such as your parents. [107:55.38]Gunned down by one of the very people|they were trying to help. [107:59.13]Create enough hunger|and everyone becomes a criminal. [108:02.05]Their deaths galvanized the city|into saving itself... [108:04.72]...and Gotham has limped on|ever since. [108:07.56]We are back to finish the job. [108:10.06]And this time no misguided idealists|will get in the way. [108:13.52]Like your father, you lack the courage|to do all that is necessary. [108:17.40]If someone stands in the way|of true justice... [108:20.45] simply walk up behind them|and stab them in the heart. [108:29.54]- I am gonna stop you.|- You never did learn... [108:31.88] mind your surroundings. [108:36.09]Justice is balance. [108:38.26]You burned my house|and left me for dead. [108:43.09]Consider us even. [109:01.61]No one comes out. Make sure. [109:13.29]They're all gone? [109:14.92]- How many from maximum security?|- Every one of them. [109:17.80]Serial killers, rapists. [109:19.80]Raise the bridges.|We don't want any getting off the island. [109:22.80]Yeah, l'll raise the bridges... [109:24.64]...when I get every available unit out here|to catch the homicidal maniacs... [109:28.89]...that are running loose out there.|- Come on! [109:54.96]I hope you're not a member|of the fire brigade. [110:03.68]Master Wayne! Master Wayne! [110:10.35]What is the point of all those push-ups|if you can't even lift a bloody log? [110:53.18]What have I done, Alfred? [110:56.23]Everything my family... [110:58.40] father, built.... [111:02.69]The Wayne legacy is more|than bricks and mortar, sir. [111:06.74]I wanted to save Gotham. [111:09.87]I failed. [111:12.91]Why do we fall, sir? [111:17.42]So that we can learn|to pick ourselves up. [111:23.38]You still haven't given up on me? [111:27.43]Never. [111:29.93]Down! [111:31.43]Harassment! I see harassment! [111:34.56]Maybe you'd like to see|some excessive force? [111:36.77]Madman with a gun. [111:39.77]With residents furious... [111:41.65] the unprecedented show of police|strength to round up the inmates.... [111:44.94]We're about to raise these bridges. [111:46.95]Officer, I am a Gotham City|district attorney. Let me pass. [111:57.96]- Just shut up!|- Hey, Flass, cool it! [112:00.46]Hold these people back. [112:02.13]Hey, Gordon.|Somebody here to see you. [112:05.09]- What are you doing here?|- Our friend sent me with this. [112:07.67]It counteracts Crane's toxin. [112:09.30]Hopefully you won't need it. [112:10.97]Not unless he's got some way|of getting that crap into the air. [112:15.27]All right, last one across. [112:18.39]People, they want this|bridge up in no more than three minutes! [112:22.48]Better get you off the island before|they raise the bridges. Patrolman! [112:26.48]Go! [112:54.35]I can't find my mom. [112:56.51]Hey! [113:06.36]What the hell are you doing? [113:09.65]Gentlemen... [113:11.65]...time to spread the word. [113:15.87]And the word is... [113:18.54]...panic. [113:44.31]Jesus. The pressure, it's spiking. [113:47.23]Right there. [113:48.65]That water main|is right under the Narrows. [114:07.84]It's okay. [114:42.25]This is Commissioner Loeb. [114:43.96]Come on, somebody talk to me. [114:45.83]Come on! [115:06.98]Loeb, Loeb. This is Gordon. [115:09.31]What the hell is going on? [115:10.82]We need reinforcements.|TAC teams, SWAT, riot cops! [115:14.44]Gordon! All the city's riot police|are on the island with you! [115:18.82]Well, they're completely incapacitated! [115:21.66]It's okay, it's okay.|No one's gonna hurt you. [115:26.00]Of course they are! [115:27.83]- Crane?|- No. Scarecrow. [115:32.59]Gordon... [115:34.17]...there's nobody left to send in. [115:37.93]So l'm on my own? [115:43.72]The Narrows is tearing itself to pieces. [115:45.56]This is just the beginning.|If they hit the whole city... [115:48.31]...there's nothing to stop Gotham|tearing itself apart. [115:51.23]- How are they gonna do that?|- The train. [115:53.32]The monorail follows the water mains to|the central hub beneath Wayne Tower. [115:57.32]If the machine gets to the station... [115:59.20]'ll cause a chain reaction|that'll vaporize the city's water supply. [116:02.87]Covering Gotham in this poison. [116:04.62]I'm gonna stop him from loading|that train, but I may need your help. [116:08.00]- What do you need?|- Can you drive stick? [116:16.05]There you are! [116:17.88]There is nothing to fear... [116:20.05]...but fear itself! [116:22.85]I am here to help you! [116:56.42]Batman will save us. He'll come. [117:03.76]- He'll come.|- Don't peek. [117:14.36]This is Gordon.|Prepare to lower the bridge. [117:23.61]I told you he'd come. [117:30.75]Wait. [117:33.29]You could die. [117:35.13]At least tell me your name. [117:41.80]It's not who I am underneath... [117:44.97]...but what I do that defines me. [117:49.64]Bruce? [118:24.68]Well, well. You took my advice|about theatricality a bit literally. [118:28.18]- lt ends here.|- For you and the police, maybe. [118:30.85]My fight, however,|lies with the rest of Gotham. [118:33.35]Now, if you'll excuse me,|I have a city to destroy. [118:36.85]- I can't beat two of your pawns?|- As you wish. [118:53.37]GPS online. [119:02.55]In 100 yards. [119:35.62]Gentlemen. [120:04.28]Who the hell authorized this? [120:17.12]Distance to Wayne Tower, three miles. [120:26.46]The pressure's moving along the mains,|blowing the pipes. [120:29.26]If that pressure reaches us... [120:30.80]...the water supply right across|the whole city is gonna blow! [120:44.27]At the next intersection, turn right. [121:11.84]You will never learn. [121:20.85]Sorry. [121:25.86]- Familiar. Don't you have anything new?|- How about this?! [121:45.63]You have arrived at Wayne Tower. [122:01.23]Evacuate the building. [122:02.69]We're on top of the main hub|and it's gonna blow. [122:14.07]Weapons system activated. [122:20.37]Nice ride. [122:36.59]Armed. [122:49.61]Don't be afraid, Bruce. [122:53.86]Come on. Come on. [122:59.95]You are just an ordinary man in a cape. [123:02.24]That's why you couldn't fight injustice,|that's why you can't stop this train. [123:06.29]Who said anything about stopping it? [123:14.63]Yes! [123:24.39]You never learned|to mind your surroundings! [123:35.65]Have you finally learned to do|what is necessary? [123:38.45]I won't kill you... [123:45.16]...but I don't have to save you. [125:02.49]- The meeting's already started.|- What meeting? [125:09.83]Fox, I seem to remember firing you. [125:13.25]You did. [125:15.00]I got another job. [125:17.92]Yours. [125:19.84]On whose authority? [125:22.05]Batman may|have made the front page... [125:24.26]...but Bruce Wayne|got pushed to page eight. [125:34.02]Bruce Wayne. [125:35.23]What makes you think you can decide|who's running Wayne Enterprises? [125:39.19]- The fact that l'm the owner.|- What are you talking about? [125:42.24]The company went public a week ago. [125:44.28]And I bought most of the shares. [125:46.12]Through various charitable foundations|and trusts and so forth. [125:49.75]Look, it's all a bit technical,|but the important thing... [125:53.12] that my company's future|is secure. [125:56.79]Right, Mr. Fox? [125:58.42]Right you are, Mr. Wayne. [126:02.47]Didn't you get the memo? [126:22.99]- l'm sorry I didn't tell you, Rachel.|- No. No, Bruce... [126:26.32]...l'm sorry. [126:28.62]The day that Chill died, l.... [126:33.16]I said terrible things. [126:35.29]But true things. [126:37.67]I was a coward with a gun... [126:39.67]...and justice is about more|than revenge, so thank you. [126:44.51]I never stopped thinking about you. [126:48.68]About us. [126:50.93]And when I heard you were back, l.... [126:53.68]I started to hope. [127:20.00]But then I found out about your mask. [127:23.88]Batman's just a symbol, Rachel. [127:27.34]No. This... [127:30.18] your mask. [127:33.85]Your real face is the one|that criminals now fear. [127:38.23]The man I loved... [127:40.90]...the man who vanished... [127:43.61]...he never came back at all. [127:50.24]But maybe he's still|out there somewhere. [127:55.08]Maybe someday,|when Gotham no longer needs Batman... [127:59.83]...l'll see him again. [128:12.85]- Proved me wrong, you know.|- About what? [128:18.60]Your father would be very proud of you. [128:21.27]Just like me. [128:49.88]What will you do? [128:53.14]Rebuild it. [128:55.60]Just the way it was, brick for brick. [129:04.82]Just the way it was, sir? [129:08.15]Yeah, why? [129:09.57]I thought this might be|a good opportunity for... [129:12.57]...improving the foundations. [129:15.20]- ln the southeast corner?|- Precisely, sir. [129:33.84]- Nice.|- I couldn't find any mob bosses. [129:37.68]- Well, sergeant?|- lt's "lieutenant" now. [129:40.73]You really started something. [129:42.35]Bent cops running scared. [129:44.52]Hope on the streets. [129:46.23]- But?|- The Narrows is lost. [129:50.36]And we still haven't picked up Crane or|half the inmates of Arkham that he freed. [129:54.87]We will. [129:56.74]We can bring Gotham back. [129:58.54]- What about escalation?|- Escalation? [130:01.25]We start carrying semiautomatics,|they buy automatics. [130:05.75]We start wearing Kevlar,|they buy armor-piercing rounds. [130:10.26]- And?|- And you're wearing a mask... [130:13.97]...and jumping off rooftops. [130:17.26]Now, take this guy. [130:19.56]Armed robbery, double homicide. [130:21.77]Got a taste for the theatrical, like you. [130:25.27]Leaves a calling card. [130:33.07]I'll look into it. [130:38.41]I never said thank you. [130:44.92]And you'll never have to.

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